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Deceased Journalist Laid To Rest 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

The corpse of the Douala Bureau Chief of Eden Newspaper, Blaise Kale Hofmann, who died on August 22, was buried in Douala on September 2.

His corpse was removed from the mortuary of the Bonassama District Hospital, Bonaberi on September 1. Present at the mortuary were the National Patron of the Cameroon Association of English Language Journalists, CAMASEJ, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, Communication officers of AES SONEL and Les Brasseries du Cameroun, colleagues, relatives and sympathizers.

During a religious service at the mortuary, Halle said, "it is God who gives and takes away life, all at his discretion. No one has the authority to question Him". He added that the deceased was a committed Christian. From the mortuary, there was a brief stop at the residence of the late Hofmann at Deido. After which, there was a procession to the Presbyterian Church, PC, Bepanda, where a Church service and wake keeping took place.

During the vigil, the Parish Pastor of PC Bepanda, Rev Dr Mrs. Perpetua Fonki, dwelled on the Bible teaching that for God’s children, death is not the end, but a beginning of a new life in God’s kingdom. She urged all present to trust and believe in Christ. She emphasized that man has to be prepared at all times, by living as a disciple of Christ.

As member of the CMF and Music Director of the Temple Choir, Hofmann was also the author of a religious audio album, "I’m Fed Up" Presenting a eulogy, a family member supposed that Hofmann had been poisoned a few months ago. His allegations were based on the fact that Hofmann had explained to them one morning after throwing up that, someone had given him poison in a dream. Despite medical efforts, Hofmann gave up the ghost at Acha Annex, Douala.


Blaise Kale Hofmann was born in Bamusso, Ndian Division, on September 22, 1970. He attended secondary and high school in BHS Buea. Hofmann enrolled into the University of Buea, and graduated in 1995. He then moved to the University of Calabar in Nigeria, for further studies. Upon his return to Cameroon, Hofmann worked with a pharmaceutical company in Douala for some years, and afterwards, worked with Eden Newspaper. Blaise leaves behind a daughter, relatives, friends, colleagues and well-wishers to mourn him.

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