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Defamatory Publication Against Commissioner Charles Ntungwa 

We act for and on behalf of Commissioner of Police Charles Ntungwa hereinafter called our client.

In your Friday December 31, 2010 issue No. 01212, in an article by a certain Nformi Sonde Kinsai, you published false, malicious, disparaging and reprehensible comments against our client captioned "Police Inspector-General detained for Freeing Spy". In the said article you published the following comments:

1. That he was under pretrial detention at the Police Headquarters in Yaounde.
2. That "he allegedly struck a deal and collected sixteen million (16,000,000) FCFA as bribe to let the spy go scot free"
3. That he was an arms dealer trading in arms.

4. That he was teaming up with mercenaries to invade a state
5. That his offices and his house were searched and he was thrown out of his office with ignominy by his immediate boss.
6. The pith and marrow of the said article tends to lend credence to the notion that he is an unscrupulous, corrupt, incorrigible policeman disloyal to his country and a disgrace to his profession.

Our client was the Inspector General number one of National Security. He served this country loyally, diligently, meritoriously and capably for almost 30 years before he was relieved of his functions by presidential decree no 2010/388 of the 24th December 2010 on the eve of his retirement. He is now enjoying a comfortable retirement with all the benefits, privileges appertaining and accruing thereto.

For your edification I want you to digest the following set of facts

1. Our client was relieved of his function and not dismissed
2. The appointment and removal from office are discretionary acts of the Head of State.
3. Our client has not received any query, warning, call to order or reprimand for having done anything unethical, unprofessional or contrary to his job description.
4. No case file has been opened against him nor is such in contemplation.
5.  No search was conducted on his person, house or office before he was relieved of his functions.

Your article has caused our client pain, suffering, and psychological trauma, shocked his sensibilities and lowered his reputation amongst the right thinking members of our society. He has been greatly disparaged by this piece of scandalous, reprehensible, unreliable and scurrilous yellow journalism. It is surprising that a newspaper with your calibre and standing failed and or refused to crosscheck its facts.

In one breath you said the released man was from Central African Republic who was caught spying on the residence of the president of the Republic at Mvomeka and in the next breath you said the released man was trafficking in war weapons at the borders of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. This confliction and contradiction should have put you to notice that your article was a cock and bull story, an odious damned lie of doubtful provenance.

Our client has instructed us to commerce criminal charges against you for defamation in order to assuage his reputation and his pent-up feelings. In accordance with Part V Chapter IX of law No. 90/52 of 19th December 1990 relating to freedom of mass communication, we call on you to publish this letter without fuss or quibble as a right of reply and an apology to let your readers know that your aforesaid publication was false and malicious; without prejudice to any pecuniary loss your action may have caused our client.

If you fail to do so in your next publication after receipt of this letter, we shall follow our client’s instruction to vigorously set the criminal and civil laws in motion against you for our client who has served this country meritoriously to have his reputation re established in the courts of law and for your establishment to indemnify him for any loss he has suffered.

Accept Sir, our regards for your high office and assurances of cooperation.


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