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Defence Minister Cautions Troops: Stop Sacrificing Your Heads As Trophies To Secessionists, Terrorists 

By Isidore Abah

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph BetiAssomo, has exhorted the new Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade to instil prudence and discipline in the troops under his command.
To him, prudence and discipline will deter them from exposing themselves to secessionists and terrorists, who assassinate them and wield their heads as trophies to intimidate other compatriots.

Minister BetiAssomo was speaking at the Buea Independence Square, on Saturday, May 12, while commissioning Colonel David Jotsa as the new Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade.
Colonel Jotsa takes over from GeneralDonatienMelingiNouma, who was recently transferred to Yaounde as the Inspector General in the Ministry of Defence in charge of Forces.

The Defence boss handed down eight tough points, which he said will serve as a compass toColonial Jostsa.
The former Littoral Governor implored the new Commander to rally his infantry and get to work immediately. Going by the Minister, all the actions of the troops must be in strict respect of the law in force.

Minister BetiAssomo also urged the newly appointed Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade to work in synergy with administrative, political, traditional and religious authorities within the Southwest Region to make the Region safe and void of any threats.

One of the daunting challenges which was handed down to the 57-year-old Commander was to ensure the effective commencement of work in the two giant agro-industrial plantations namely: PAMOL and CDC, which the Minister said, has been paralysed due to secessionist threats.
Going by him, this economic sector needs to regain its verve given the thousands of workers it employs and it importance to Government’s revenue.

“You must also work to preserve the territorial integrity of Cameroon, working in synergy with other security and defence forces,” the Minister said.
Jotsa was also beseeched to respect his hierarchy and to uphold professional ethics by keeping all military information confidential.

To the outgoing Commander, GeneralDonatienMelingiNouma, Minister BetiAssomo thanked him for “mission accomplished” in the Southwest Region and wished him well in his new assignment.
Earlier, the Minister extended President Biya’s gratitude to the security forces in the Southwest Region for their professionalism in handling the security challenges posed by those he called “terrorists and secessionists.”
He maintained that President Paul Biyahas vowed to crush “these hoodlums and outlaws who have no regards for the unity of Cameroon.”

He also conveyed the Head of State’s deepest condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.
“For all our fellow military and civilians who have lost their lives recently, due to the despicable atrocities of secessionists, terrorists and other hoodlums who have no respect for human life, the blood of the elements of our defence and security forces shall be avenged by an outright victory over all these outlaws.”

Meanwhile, before the Minister mounted the rostrum, the Mayor of Buea Council, Patrick EkemaEsunge, in his welcome address said the people of Buea have saluted the initiative of President Paul Biya, Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces to redynamise the Cameroon military,especially within the prevailing social unrest.
This move, the Mayor said,will help in consolidating peace and unity in Cameroon. He thanked the outgoing Commanderand pledged the people’s support for the new Commander in effectively carrying out his assignment in the Southwest Region.

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