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Democracy, Transparency Rocking CPDM Reorganisation 

By Maxcel Fokwen

As the confusion over who heads the Coordination Committee for the ongoing reorganisation of the basic organs of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, in Meme IA  lingers on, the incumbent Section President, Prince Ekale Mukete, is mounting pressure on the party hierarchy to  respect the circular signed by the party’s Secretary General, Jean Kuete. While no official verdict has emerged on whether Joseph Njika or Richard Ngu Njikam is the person assigned to oversee the renewal exercise in Meme IA, the Section President has written another confidential letter to the Meme Divisional Committee President, Jones Shey Yembe, pressing for further action to be taken.

The letter  titled “Confidential, privileged without prejudice,” dated October 25, 2015, and signed by Prince Ekale Mukete, a copy which The Post got hold of, centres on the shortfalls of Richard Ngu Njikam’s militancy in Meme IB. In the letter, Ekale responds to concerns raised by Jones Shey Yembe regarding the militancy of Ngu Njikam. Shey had, in a reply to an earlier petition written by Ekale, requested for further information to better nourish the party hierarchy with facts regarding the controversy. Going by Ekale’s argument, Ngu Njikam resides in Meme IA; stating that, the localisation plan of his residence for tax purposes is in Buea Road in Meme IA Constituency. Ekale substantiates that a person’s home, as per President Biya’s circular no. 001/CPDM/NP of July 27, 2015, is where his spouse and children live or where one retires to sleep.

Njikam Advised To Hastily Enlist In Meme IA
The former Mayor reminded the Divisional President of the fact that during the investiture exercise of 2013, Njikam’s wife was a prominent member on another CPDM list in Meme IA, even though the said list was rejected by the CPDM Central Committee. Besides, Ekale recalls in his reply to Shey, that “the question of residency has never been strictly enforced in the party until it became an obligatory condition in some aspects of the conduct of the current reorganisation exercise. It is clear, from the new rules that Njikam must clear this aberration in order to, henceforth, be in conformity with the circular of the national President and the application text of the Secretary General. He is, therefore, advised to make haste and enlist himself as a Member in the CPDM branch covering his area of residence in Kumba-Mbenge II Subsection,” Ekale wrote.

While demanding the strict implementation of the Secretary General’s decision, Ekale concludes the letter to the Divisional Committee President that Richard Ngu Njikam needs to fulfill the requirement of residency and not militancy.

Njika Watching From A Distance
 While the cold war over who finally manages the reorganisation in Kumba I continues, The Post gathered that Joseph Njika was recently spotted in Kumba, who came to feel the temperature of the political war. He too militates in CPDM Meme IB.

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