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Despite Administrative Machinations, Lower Wonjoku Gets New Chief 

By Sarah Nduma Ekema

The people of Lower Wonjoku in Buea Subdivision of the Southwest Region can now heaved a sigh of relief, after Chief Alios Lyonga Ngange,was crowned as the new traditional ruler of the village.
Chief Lyonga was crowned on Friday,May 15, 2015 by the Chiefs of Buea Subdivision and installed by the Divisional Officer, DO, for Buea, Paul Wokam Kouam.

During the coronation rituals, the Vice President of the Buea Chiefs Conference, Chief Litike of Mamau village, said Lyonga was eligible to join the club of Monarchs.

Installing the new Chief into his function, the DO for Bueatold Chief Lyonga torule his people with wisdom,because according to him, the Chief will always be under pressure due to his obligations, some of which include;transmitting directives to subjects and ensuring their effectiveness, guaranteeing socio-cultural and economic development, settling disputes, establishing a functioning traditional council and maintaining law and order in his area of jurisdiction.

“Vis-à-vis security hitches,the Chief is supposed to ensure the security of persons and property by collaborating with the forces of law and order. The Chief should also ensure the creation of a vigilant group.This is because this area could be a hide out for criminals,” Wokam suggested.

The DO also said farming activities should be consolidated, since agriculture remains the backbone of the society. He called on the Chief to be careful, diligent, shun from all acts of immorality and trust God for guidance.
Talking to the press after his coronation and installation, Chief Lyonga said he is conscious of the challenges that lie ahead of him, one of them being to ensure his subjects,who have abandoned their ancestral site,return home and settle down.

“For some time now, we have had no Chief and all our villagers migrated to neighbouring villages. So we are trying to rebuild,” Lyonga averred.
Many Buea inhabitants hope that the installation of Chief Lyonga will put an end to what has been termed the tale of two Wonjokus.

The Buea administration in complicity with some overzealous municipal administrators have been accused of inciting a neighbourhood in Bova II, under the name of Wonjoku, to break away from the village and declared itself an autonomous village. The said dissident group is led by Patrick Ekema Esunge, Mayor of Buea Council.

Lower Wonjoku Doesn’t Exist – Chief Nyoki

Meanwhile, after the coronation and installation of Chief Lyonga, Chief Isume Nyoki of Bova II told The Post that there is nothing like Lower Wonjoku. “The village is Wonjoku not Lower Wonjoku.”

Since the problem of the tale of two Wonjokus erupted, Chief Isume Nyoki of Bova II has always maintained that there is a Wonjoku village, but that the Wonjoku in Bova II was a neighbourhood under his jurisdiction and not a village.
He had criticised the intrigues deployed by the Mayor of Buea Council to force his people to rebel against him and crown Ekema as Chief in one of the neighbourhoods of his village.

Chief Isume Nyoki and his subjectshad sworn not to allow the ancestral sanctity of Bova II to be annihilated by Ekema and his scheming administrators. They had vowed to treat anybody coming to organise consultative talks in Bova II as Boko Haram insurgents.

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