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Destroyers Of Voters 

By Josephine Liwonjo, Manfred Besong & Mercy Ajah*

CameroonPostline.com — ELECAM Board Member for the Southwest Region, Prof. Dorothy Njeuma, has stated that perpetrators of mutilated voters’ cards in Kumba have been dragged to court.

She made the statement in Buea on Tuesday, September 17, during a meeting with political stakeholders and ELECAM officials in the Southwest Region. The meeting was aimed at assessing the rate of voters’ cards distribution in the Region and devised new strategies of getting the cards to the potential voters ahead of the September 30 twin elections.

According to Prof Njeuma, the voters’ cards in Kumba were not forged, but mutilated by some overzealous political actors in Meme. She said the masterminders of this act have been ordered to remove the stickers, which they placed behind the cards bearing the ELECAM number. The ELECAM Board Member warned that anybody who is caught with a mutilated voter’s card will not be allowed to vote, as far as ELECAM is concerned.

According to her, the objective of ELECAM is to have a level play ground for all players, and each player should also make it easier for ELECAM to play her role as the referee of the elections. She emphasised that, aside from ELECAM officials, nobody is allowed to distribute voters’ cards. She thus called on the citizens to be responsible as they take to the polls on September 30. She equally advised the electorate to shun any form of violence or acts that can jeopardise the conducts of the elections.

Prof Njeuma, however, assured the population that security has been stepped up to ensure the success of the elections.  Aside from the mutilated voters’ cards in Kumba, she said no irregularities have been noticed elsewhere. “That is why ELECAM will not tolerate any irregularities from either political parties or members of ELECAM themselves during the elections,” Prof Njeuma stated. She assured the political actors that the elections will be free, fair, peaceful, transparent and credible.

Over 13,000 Uncollected Cards In Buea

According to statistics from the ELECAM Council Branch Office Buea, the distribution of voters’ cards stands at 60 percent. According to Betty Ndoko, Buea Council Branch Head, out of 36494 cards that were printed for Buea, 22756 cards have been distributed while, 13,738 cards are still to be distributed, giving a distribution rate of 60. She said the slow rate of cards distribution is as a result of apathy, inaccessibility and the launching of campaign.

She, however, assured the population that ELECAM would do everything humanly possible to distribute the cards, while appealing to party leaders to mobilise their militants to collect their cards. For his part, the Southwest Regional Delegate of ELECAM, Emmanuel Njang Mbeng, said ELECAM is ready for the elections and that materials for the exercise have been transferred to the various polling stations. He, however, said transporting election materials to places like Wabane was not an easy task.

(UB Journalism Students On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01466

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