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Detained Chief Released To Celebrate Ramadan Feast 

By Carine Tosam, Marbel Anjumah*(NPB Students on internship) 

The chief of the Old Town Muslim Community, Usmanu Sarki 84, who was under detention, was released from the Bamenda Prison on Monday, July 28, to celebrate the Ramadan Feast with his Community.

Rabiatou Musa, a Muslim housewife at Old Town Bamenda said that, “This year is extraordinary because we are displaying along the streets. Our detained chief was released to come and celebrate with us today so we are very happy”.

Aminatou Ali, another Muslim at Old Town said that, the chief was supposed to return to the cell at 4: pm, so the crowd turned out to see him since not every body had the chance to visit him back in the cell. Unfortunately, he was taken back before 4: pm because some Muslims were performing magic during the celebration. The warders were alerted and the chief was taken away. She continued that, he did not eat the food that was kept for him. We are still grateful for the turn out this day”.

Suley Usmanu,44  the chief’s son who was recently enthroned in place of his father now in detention, thanked the Muslims and everyone who turned out to celebrate with them. He condemned the acts of Boko Haram in Nigeria. He continued that if they see a stranger suspected to be a member of Boko Haram, they should report to him or members of the security just around Old Town. He said,  “I felt sad when I saw my father, I felt like crying. I know that it is the law that put him there, and either tomorrow or some other time, justice will take it full course.” He went further to explain that since he was born in 1970, he has witnessed all the Ramadan Feasts but that of this year was wonderful as both Christians and Muslims joined him to celebrate the feast. Together with my collaborators we have agreed that every one in this community who loves development should contribute  at least FCFA 2500 as development fee. He said anyone interested to join their religion is welcome. He thanked Orange Cameroon for the gifts they gave on behalf of the community. 

Orange Cameroon donated some basic commodities like bags of rice, groundnut oil, tin tomatoes, milk, spaghetti and sugar. The Attaché Commercial Vente Indirect, ACVI, of Orange Cameroon, Chofor Fobuzi, said Orange is a company that has social concerns. We realized that the Muslim community of Old Town, which constitutes part of our customers,  were not eating during this fasting. We decided to accompany them during today’s feast by donating food items. We have already been to Santa and Sabga where we did the same thing, he explained

Ramadan is a purification month for Muslims. According to Mohammed Gali, a Muslim at the Old Town Central Mosque, Bamenda, Allah will grant whatever you ask from Him at this period. He quoted the Koran which states that, “ war on anyone who is not forgiven in the month of Ramadan.” He says Muslims are expected to be good from this time henceforth and to be among the chosen people of God. He reiterated that God has guaranteed to grant the wishes of all who are faithful to Him during this period.



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