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Diabetes Centre Inaugurated At Banso Baptist Hospital 

By Peter Adi Fonte — A satellite centre for changing diabetes in children was recently inaugurated at the Banso Baptist Hospital Chapel.

The National Coordinator of Changing Diabetes in Children in Cameroon (CDIC) Dr. Mesmin Dehayem, in launching the centre, said Banso Baptist Hospital came with ten children to be included in the CDIC programme. This was during the official opening of the Dialysis Clinic at the Bamenda Regional Hospital in September 2011.

He recalled that in April 2012, Banso Baptist Hospital also sent a nurse to accompany the children from Banso to a Children Diabetes camp organised by CDIC. Dr. Mesmin Dehayem said apart from the 13 children enrolled in the program from Kumbo there are four new cases in Banso Baptist Hospital and ten in Shisong Catholic Hospital.

He said that explains why the clinic has been opened in Banso Baptist Hospital. Dr. Mesmin revealed that as of now 226 children have been enrolled in Cameroon to benefit from free insulin, syringes, gluco-meters, strips and hbAIc screening.

The doctor said Novo Nordisk created the CDIC programme which aims to change the future of children living with diabetes in developing countries. He said the programme in Cameroon, which was launched on June 18, 2010, has a life span of five years and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Insulution and Hopit.

Dehayem said the programme has so far trained 216 doctors and 374 nurses in the management of childhood diabetes in the regions. He said, according to statistics made available by IDF, the number of people living with diabetes in the world in 2011 stood at 366 million and this number is estimated to reach 552 million in 2030.

According to Professor Mbanya, the prevalence of diabetes in Cameroon has moved from two percent in 1977 to six percent in 2003. This increase is attributed in the number of people living with diabetes worldwide due to lifestyle changes, excessive food intake and less exercise.

The consequence of this lifestyle changes results in obesity, diabetes with various complications and later death if not properly managed. The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Director of Health Services, Professor Pius Tih Muffih, said the partnership agreement signed with CDIC and CBC will enable them to do more to curb diabetes.

The Second Assistant SDO for Bui, Brice Meke Olinga, called on the population to take full advantage of the Diabetes Centre to help their children and themselves out of diabetes ailments. Dr. Simon Willy, who is in charge of the Banso Baptist Hospital Clinic, said the centre is presently taking care of 15 diabetic children.

He called on all to do everything possible to channel every child with diabetes to be centre for treatment. The Chief Medical Officer for Banso Baptist Hospital, Dr. Beri Ngong, welcomed the team while Pastor Moses Tani said the dedication prayer.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01357

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