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Diageo Launches Competition for Economic Journalists 

By Yerima Kini Nsom
— The world’s leading Brewery Company with an outstanding collection of beverages, alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine, Diageo, that also owns Guinness Cameroon, has launched a professional competition for economic journalists.

Known as the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards, the competition is tailored to stimulate high quality coverage of the business environment in Africa.

While announcing the competition that is also known as Dabra 2012, in Yaounde on March 21, the Communication Officer for Guinness Cameroon, Christine Mbembe, said the deadline for entries from Cameroonian journalists is Wednesday, March 28. She unveiled the various components of the awards during a press launch. All the stories, she intimated, must be economic stories and must be balanced enough to reflect the full reality.

The categories of the award are: Best Information and Communication Technology, ICT feature, Best Finance feature, Best Infrastructure feature, Best Agribusiness feature, Best Tourism feature and Best Business News story. Other categories are: Best Business feature, Best Newcomer feature, Media organ of the Year and journalists of the year.

All submissions by journalists must have been published or broadcast in the period of March 27, 2011 and March 23, 2012.

According to the project initiators, articles must be very factual and present a faithful rendition of what the African business environment, not prejudice on the black continent as a continent of misery and pessimism. The selection committee will hinge their judgment on facts, objectivity, journalistic writing and the pertinence of the issues handled. Potential candidates were called upon to gather more information on the competition through Francophone African countries only joined the competition last year, ever since it was launched in 2004. Laureates are expected to travel to London for their awards.

During the press launch, officials of Guinness Cameroon also briefed journalists against excessive alcohol consumption. They called for responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol so that people could avoid the damaging effects of excessive drinking. They said, in as much as the Brewery Company needs more customers, they only need healthy customers who can live long to continue to consume their products, and not ailing people who will soon pass on.

First Published in The Post print edition (No. 1330)

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