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DO Rejects Court Order To Pay Manga Williams FCFA 400,000 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Idenau DO, Emmanuel Ndengwe Meteh, in a June 3 letter addressed to the Buea Magistrate Court, Governor and other quarters, refused to pay FCFA 400,000 he was asked to pay Prince Jesco Manga Williams.

"I cannot pay you the court award because I did not stop any of your tenants to pay rents to you," Meteh wrote, "I was acting in my capacity as the administrator and will always act in that capacity as far as the administration of Enyenge is concerned," the DO added. Prince Jesco, one of the contestants to the Limbe paramount chieftaincy stool, had in suit N0 CFIB/08/08 sued the DO for "trespass" on his landed estate in Enyenge. Enyenge located a few kilometres away from the Idenau, is a large sea front settlement inhabited by several Nigerians, Ghanaians and a sprinkling of Cameroonians.

The well over 2000 or so people who live here pay land and house rents to Jesco who has a land title certificate issued to him in 1996 by the Fako Land Registry Board. Jesco had sued the DO accusing him, among other things, of having been unduly collecting rents from his tenants at Enyenge. Jesco, on Tuesday, June 23, told The Post that the DO, who had been notified of the suit, had at no time bothered to appear in court for the case.

The court, after a series of absences by the DO, went ahead and ruled in favour of Jesco and charged the DO to pay Jesco FCFA 350,000. Jesco told the Post that the DO did not acquiesce to the court ruling. In reaction, He said the DO filed an appeal and the Buea Appeal Court reviewed the case and again slammed Meteh an additional cost of FCFA 50,000 thus bringing the total to FCFA 400,000. But Meteh, in his letter to Jesco, denies the accusations of rents collection.

"I have never contemplated the collection of rents in Enyenge and neither have I instructed any group of persons or individuals to collect rents on my behalf at Enyenge," wrote the DO. He went on to challenge Jesco to show him any individual whom he can prove has been collecting rents for him (the DO) at Enyenge. "I am sure your informants are misinforming you," the DO said. Meantime, Jesco told The Post that he could only forgive the DO if he pays him his money as ordered by the Buea Court.

He insinuated that the increasing interest in Enyenge is because a French oil prospecting company (ELF) had discovered, some six years back, that there was enough oil reserve in the area. He said he had sued the said company for trespass as well and at the end the company was ordered to pay him some money. He said they finally agreed on an amicable fee of FCFA 400,000 which the company paid. "What I see is that people are jealous of me over my ownership of Enyenge. How can Jesco own a village?" he said.

On a historical note, Jesco said the village which measures some 700 hectares was part and parcel of his late grandfather, Chief Bile Manga Williams of Bimbia’s real estate alongside Limbola and Mukundange. His grandfather, he said, handed over these estates to his father who later handed them down to him in the 1960s. Since then, he has been exercising ownership over them until he obtained a land title for Enyenge in 1996.

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