Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Doctor Posted to Bamenda General Hospital Turns Out to Be Fake 

By Michael Ndi — The Northwest population is still flabbergasted days after a hospital administrator disclosed that the government posted a fake medical doctor to the Bamenda General Hospital.

The population was thrown into shock when the director of the Bamenda General Hospital, Dr.Charles Awasum, disclosed to the press last weekend that one of the three medical doctors sent to the Bamenda General Hospital among the medical staff recruited for the hospital from the 25,000 new civil servants turned out to be a fake medical doctor.

As to how Dr. Charles Awasum discovered that the woman was a fake medical doctor, he disclosed that the lady, aged 30, showed up to assume duty and just her shabby appearance triggered his suspicions.

“She wore some faded wrappers and the language she spoke, caused some degree of doubts”. He said when interrogated, the lady recounted that she studied in the Bamenda University  of Science and Technology (BUST) and later went to the Amadou Belo University (ABU) in Nigeria from where she bagged a PHD in Nursing.

Doctor Charles Awasum observed that after further investigation it was found out that her stories were not consistent. At BUST, the school authorities intimated that the lady actually registered as a student of that institution but never turned up for classes.

“I then gave her a date to come back to her job site at the Bamenda General Hospital and when she turned up, she was then picked up by plainclothes police. She is now helping the forces of law and order in investigation,” the Bamenda hopistal director narrated.

Dr Awasom said he has written to the minister of Public Health through the Governor of the Northwest, Afrique Lele Adolf. According to the Bamenda General Hospital director, the lady’s first assignment was to take the blood pressure of a patient and just the fact that her hands were trembling, he concluded that she was fake.

This incident is not the first of its kind in Bamenda. A couple of years ago, another fake medical doctor was discovered in a reputable Catholic hospital in Bamenda but he was politely shown the way out of that health institution. It should be noted that cases of Cameroonians recruited with fake certificates abound in the country.

Recently, the authorities of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) dismissed hundreds of workers discovered with fake certificates and this year, hundreds of graduates from the University of Maroua were found with fake G.C.E “O” and “A” Level Certificates.

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