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Dog Meat Becoming A Delicacy In Fako 

By Primus Beng*

Dog meat, otherwise known as 4-0-4, is increasingly becoming a delicacy in a locality called ‘Dirty South’, in the Molyko neighbourhood in Buea.

At about 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, the shed where this delicacy is sold is usually jammed to capacity as ‘dog meat eaters’ scramble to get some of the special parts like; the head and the neck, before they get finished.

In places like dockyard in Limbe, a red flag is hoisted in areas where the dog meat is prepared.
When the dog meat is finished in Molyko, some people leave to suburbs like Tole in quest of this delicacy.

 “To buy a dog regularly is really difficult, which is why business people only sell their dogs when they are sick or old and, at times, others would bring a dead dog, killed by a car,” says Frankline Achou, a dog meat vendor.

Achou says he kills at least three dogs each business day and the meals are prepared in different shifts. The first dog is slain and ready before 2pm and when he starts attending to customers, the second pot of dog meat is put on fire and taken care of by his assistant, Solange Akeh.

The quest for dog meat is an issue, but the killing and preparatory process leaves a lot to be desired. Either the dog is hanged with a rope around its neck, hung on a tree till it dies, or it is hit hard on the forehead when it resists to die by hanging.

This is so because, the dog gets very wild and, thus, it is risky and hideous to tie up a dog for slaughter which can result in a bite. After killing, the dog is roasted so as to take off the hair from the skin and then, cut in different sizes, according to the prices that range from FCFA 500 for an average piece to FCFA 1,500 for the head and FCFA 2500 for the neck.

The preparation includes the mixture of pawpaw, plum and mango leaves, ‘fever grass,’ ‘massepo’ with plantains, and on special occasions, marijuana, says Akeh, Achou’s assistant. The meat is cooked for three hours before it becomes tender enough for eating. Once ready, the pot is emptied within a couple of hours due to the high demand. Most customers of pepper soup dog meat explained that the combination of leaves makes the meal medicinal and gives them spiritual protection.

Fred Mbefi, a regular customer, says he prefers eating dog meat because it makes him look strong to live longer. He usually goes for the head or neck, in spite of the high price.

*(UB Journalism Student on Internship)

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