Monday, July 6, 2020
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Donga-Mantung Gets Television Station 

By Wamey Panky

The population of Donga-Mantung Division and its environs are in ecstasy following the launching of their first ever television house, Millennium Television.

The launching of the Millennium TV, the brainchild of Hon. Cyprian Awudu Mbaya, MP for Nkambe/Ndu Constituency and Questor at the National Assembly, was presided at by the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Donga-Mantung, Theophile Nzeki, last June, at the Millennium Complex, Nkambe.

Addressing the mammoth crowd that turned out, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Millennium TV, Dr. Omer Weyi Yembe (former Registrar of the GCE Board), told the people that Donga-Mantung was undergoing a magnanimous social revolution that everyone must be part of it.

Praising Hon. Mbaya, the initiator of TV station, Dr Yembe told the people of Donga-Mantung to stand up to the challenge brought by their own illustrious son. He reminded them that the TV station was not Hon Mbaya’s, but that of the community given by him. He said the people were, thus, solely responsible for designing their suitable programmes and also sustaining the TV.

The SDO poured encomiums on Hon Mbaya, describing him as the "true son of the soil." He said, besides several projects achieved in all domains in his constituency, the MP initiated the first radio station, the Donga-Mantung Community Radio, DMCR, Nkambe and later on, personally brought the Savannah Frontier Radio, SFR, in Nkambe and "today another gigantic communication tool that will take us to higher heights."

The SDO described it as the "Greater Achievement" as propounded by President Paul Biya. He encouraged the MP to ignore his detractors and continue to bulldoze the path of development for his people, saying God was using him to help his Donga-Mantung people.

Stating that Government considers responsible mass media as an important factor of development, the SDO warned users of communication tools against misuse. He stressed that they must, first of all, abide by the various rules, regulations and ethics binding communication, such that they might contribute to preserve, rather than jeopardise the peace and harmony that prevails in the country.

The SDO entreated the Millennium TV crew to be more impartial and investigative in their daunting task of reporting, while urging them to make good use of the equipments at their disposal, to give satisfaction to the community and to reach the designed goals. He exhorted viewers and the entire community, saying their best appreciation would be to fulfil their own duties by paying what is expected from them to sustain it.

Hon Mbaya, on his part, said he was overwhelmed by the turnout. He said, like Savannah Frontier Radio earlier brought, the Millennium TV is for the community. He warned that neither an individual nor group of persons should ever claim ownership, or sole rights over it, because, it belongs to the people. He said, from the name, the main reason for the TV is to enable and promote his people towards the achievement of the projected Millennium Development Goals.

The Mayor of Nkambe, Jones Mangoh, said he was too elated and proud to have a brother of Hon Mbaya’s level. He said he had the right to doff his hat to the MP for his numerous realistic and community-benefitting projects in his municipality. He then committed other elite to bring home more development to make their birthplace more liveable.

On behalf of Donga-Mantung traditional authorities, HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabo of Nkambe, poured libation on the project, praying the gods and ancestors of the land to protect illustrious sons like Hon Mbaya and destroy detractors of development. The occasion was witnessed by a mammoth crowd including UNDP and CDU parties, but the CPDM boycotted it.