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DOs Lectured On Respect Of Human Rights 

By Joe Dinga Pefok — All DOs serving in the Littoral Region have been lectured on the protection and respect of human rights. The administrators received the lessons, November 26-28, at a capacity building seminar- workshop in Douala.

The two other subjects included the maintenance of law and order by DOs in their administrative units, and the implementation of the laws on decentralisation. Other equally important topics that were treated at the seminar-workshop included the management of land conflicts as well as the management of the frontiers.     

The Douala event was part of a nationwide seminar being organised at the Regional level by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINATD, to reinforce the capacities of DOs on subjects they have been handling all along and also to build their capacities on new domains like decentralisation. The seminar is coming on the heels of complaints against many DOs who are often accused of violating human rights. Observers say the general tendency is for DOs to use the pretext of the maintenance of law and order to violate human rights for their selfish interest.

The violation of human rights or abuse of power by DOs is reportedly worse in the rural areas, where many people are either ignorant of their rights or are too scared to try to defend them.
As for maintenance of law and order, DOs in Douala, for instance, are always at loggerheads with the public. The friction is more pronounced between the administrators and opposition political parties on the interpretation of the law on public demonstration.

Meanwhile, the seminar was opened by the Secretary General at the Littoral Governor’s Office, for the Governor’s absence was understood to have been due to the death of his son. The Governor’s son, who was a student at the military academy, EMIA, in Yaounde, during a training course in Ngaoundere, reportedly suffered from what the family termed a malaise. He was transported to Douala and admitted at the Douala General Hospital where he later gave up the ghost.

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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