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Douala Gendarmes Arrest Alleged Baby Thief 

By Solomon Amabo — The gendarmerie legion in Bonanjo, Douala, has since Thursday been detaining a 35-year-old woman who is accused of stealing a 4-month-old baby on February 7 in the Ndokoti neighbourhood.

Ngi Nsohi Mamasop, popularly known as Pauline, was arrested in Ngui, a village situated some 4 km from Puma in Edea, Sanaga Maritime Division.

Gendarmes said Mamasop took advantage of another woman in distress. The suspect is alleged to have disappeared with the baby of the woman, who had asked Mamasop to help look after the baby while she made an urgent phone call. Mamasop confessed to her crime.

“We entered and came out of [a] pharmacy together. She had earlier entered alone after which I followed. When we came out, she attempted to call her husband with my telephone in vain. I was carrying the baby and sitting at the Socatur bus stop. When she wasted much time I decided to take the child and disappear,” Mamasop narrated.

The suspect said she left Douala with the baby to her native village less than 24 hours after stealing her. Mamasop explained that she badly needed a baby, after losing her lone 3-month-old child some years back.

“I had a child when I was 18 but he died. I had ‘looked’ for another one in vain. I was told that I was bewitched. I had no intention giving the baby to any one or harming her. That is the reason for which I have bought new belongings for her to the tune of about 300,000 francs” she told reporters.

On February 7, Helen Tchoumi left the Cité de Palmier District Hospital with her sick baby and stopped at a pharmacy to buy drugs. Realising that she did not have enough money on her, Ms. Tchoumi decided to call her husband through a call box in vain. The alleged thief noticing the situation, offered her phone to the distressed mother, who entrusted the baby to her. In a bid to call in an area void of noise, the woman moved some distance away from Masapop and the baby. Mamasop abandoned her phone to the stranger and vamoosed with the All attempts to locate Mamasop were futile for about 10 days.

With the help of records in the abandoned mobile phone, gendarmes located a relative of the suspect baby thief. “After thorough investigations we called the number in the suspect’s telephone. A certain Ngayick Diane recognised the number and said it belonged to her aunt. We then took her to Edea in a village called Ngui. There we met the alleged thief with the baby,” the chief of the investigating team, gendarmerie Captain Jean Marie Olinga told reporters.

The stolen baby’s father Jonas Moulli said they were devastated when their child was taken away. “We have not been able to sleep… It was terrible though we had hope,” Moulli recounted.

Preliminary results of medical tests show that the baby is in good health.

The theft of the baby in Douala happened amidst the story of a stolen baby in Yaounde which has been making headlines and staking the flames of emotion amongst members of the public.

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