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Douala Judicial Police Dismantles Notorious Gang 

 By Kings Osa Jeifor

Elements of the anti-criminal brigade of the Littoral Regional Division of the Judicial Police in Douala have dismantled a five-man armed gang specialised in hold-ups in companies in the Centre, Littoral and Southwest Regions. The gang comprises Marck Cyprian Ndoh alias Simon Ashu alias Giscard as leader, Stanley Dinga, Ngue Oule Vanasuant, Moses Moto Bile and Terence Iton and is specialised in selling of stolen items.
On the night of November 27, 2013, the residence of the Assistant General Manager of NABO Beverage Company, NABCO, Indian born Pandey Shiva Nand, situated at Camp Sic in Limbe was attacked by armed bandits. After holding occupants at gun point, the intruders used a rope in tying them and carted away a lap top of mark HP, 
two mobile phones of mark Black-Berry and Lava Iris, three internet modems, a gold chain, two USB keys and the sum of FCFA 380.000 as well as 4.000 US Dollars and 8.000Indian Rupees. The company, based in Douala, deposited a complaint at the Judicial Police in Douala on January 20, 2014. The Littoral Regional Division Head of the Judicial Police, Senior Superintendent of Police, Bruno Glede, then instructed the anti-criminal brigade to carry out investigation, led by the Chief of Operations, himself, Assistant Chief of Service for Criminal Investigations, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police, Jean Bosco Zeti and Senior Police Inspector Boubakari. The gang leader, Marck Cyprian Ndoh was arrested in Ndobo in Bonaberi on April 19. Upon interrogation, Ndoh revealed the names of his colleagues who were equally rounded up. Meanwhile, one of the suspect bandits, 
Stanley Dinga, was caught in Yaounde on April 22 in the Mendong neighbourhood. 
At the time the suspects were rounded up, they had six guns; four locally made and two automatic pistols of 
mark Valtro and Walther, 91 bullets and other items such as industrial hammers, nail cutters, two millstones, a 
metal cutter, 13 pairs of razor blades, four vehicles of mark Toyota, including an Avensis, with registration 
number CH 083055, a Rav-4 and two Corollas and a Camtel receipt bearing NABCO Company’s name. 
The men of the underworld, after formally admitting they carried out the Limbe robbery, disclosed that they have 
participated in many other robberies in Yaounde, Douala, and Kumba. 
They were transferred to the Military Tribunal in Bonanjo for trial.

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