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Dr. Dan Muna Laid To Rest 

By Chris Mbunwe

Late Dr. Daniel Muna, who died recently, allegedly of cancer, was Saturday, August 1, laid to rest in his native Ngyen-Mbo Village amidst tight security. Prime Minister Philemon Yang, accompanied by diplomats and some serving and former Ministers like Mama Fouda, Gregoire Owona, Emmanuel Ngafesson, Gentry Fuh Calistus and Garga Haman, was present at the burial ceremony.

The Munas at the funeral

Also in attendance was the Sultan of Foumban, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya. During a funeral service at the Muna Foundation Explanade, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Rev. Nyansaku-Ni-Nku, revealed that late Dan Muna had confided in him three years ago that, he was suffering from cancer. 

The man of God described Daniel Muna as a man whose generosity knew no bounds and a man whose faith in God was unshakable. "As he struggled with cancer, his faith in God remained firm. He knew that a good life is that which we live with in Christ," Rev. Ni-Nku said.
Nyansaka said, in a country where corruption, greed and all vices have taken hold of the people, a man like Dan Muna was a rare breed.  He said late Dr. Muna has set precedence for medical excellence in Cameroon.

PM Philemon Yang, Governor Abakar, Gregoire Owona, Achidi Achu, Mama Fouda at the funeral

Also paying tribute to deceased, who was a Christian of the Presbyterian Church Bonamoussadi, the PCC Synod Clerk, Rev. Festus Ambe Asana, told mourners that Late Dan Muna could have loved to be buried quietly, but, as a man loved by many, it could not be so.
While enumerating late Dan Muna’s contributions to the growth of the Presbyterian Church, he remarked that he went beyond his Presbyterian faith.

Meanwhile, while addressing mourners, His Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi, said considering the deep Christian belief of Dan, when he visited him lately on his sick bed; he (Tumi) anointed Dan before he passed away.  Talking about late Statesman’s (ST Muna) children, Cardinal Tumi said Dan stood out distinctly with sterling qualities. "I know others, I also know Akere, then I know Ben Muna- as you know, he is another story all together," he said.

On behalf of the family, Dr. Wali Muna and Ben Muna were unanimous that their brother died a natural death after battling with the illness for four years. Speaking for his Minister, who was present at the burial ground, the Secretary General in the Ministry of Public Health, Professor Fru Angwafor, said, Dan, as a great medic, cultivated a culture, which, he thinks, should be reference to practicing doctors.

A close friend of late Daniel Muna, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, kept mourners spell bound when he paid tribute to the fallen Dan Muna. "Here lies a great man who cared and loved all and was so powerful in worshiping God."

On his part, the Vice President of the Cameroon National Order of Medicine, who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in the University of Yaounde I, Professor Tetanye Ekoe, in his tribute to their fallen President, qualified Dan Muna as a great physician and a man of principles.

"This was demonstrated by an uncommon personal courage in September 2004 when he had to defend the important principles of the profession and human rights in the TENOFOVIR affair.  I can remember clearly Daniel speaking to the then Minister of Public Health with a determined but quiet voice, as he always did in such circumstances, "Mister Minister, to save the reputation of our country and that of the medical community, the medical Association shall conduct its own proper investigation in this matter."

"That is what was done and everybody knows the result of that enquiry," Professor Tetanye recounted. Prof. Tetanye said Dan Muna, as their President, laid emphasis on the supervision of medical practice by the physicians themselves. He hailed Dan for acquiring a building for the Cameroon Medical Council Association, saying that, henceforth, the building will bear late Dan Muna’s name.

Dr. Daniel Muna, the eldest of eight children of late House Speaker, Hon. ST Muna, and wife, was born in Kishong, Kumbo, Bui Division, 71 years ago, where his father opened the first Basel Primary Mission School. He studied in most renowned schools and Universities in and out of Cameroon before becoming a medical doctor. He worked with government and later resigned and opened his Polyclinic in Bonanjo.

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