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Dr. Dewah Receives Excellence Award 

By Lydie Yuri

Kumba based tradi-pratitioner, Dr. Dewah, has been offered an award of excellence for his contributions to the development of modern traditional medicine. The Association of Young Cameroonian Jurists, AYCJ, rewarded Dewah recently in the Bafoussam City Council Hall to recognise his 30 years of service as traditional doctor.

Dr. Dewah (second from left) with administrators

Presiding over the ceremony, the Mifi SDO’s Representative, Oscar Agiy, praised Dr. Dewah for combating unemployment and ameliorating the condition of the afflicted. According to him, the health of Cameroonians can be assured in this domain, reasons why the government of Cameroon has interest in traditional medicine by reorganising this sector.

Agiy urged Dr. Dewah to chase out quacks in the profession. On his part, Dr Dewah expressed joy to the Association of Young Cameroonian Jurists, AYCJ, for offering him an award of excellence for his contributions towards nation building.

The award coincided with his 30th anniversary in the practice of modern traditional medicine. Bafoussam is the second phase after Kumba on November 14, 2008, where Dewah equally received an award as Best Traditional Doctor in Meme for 2008 from the same Association.
Following his popularity in traditional medicine, Dr Dewah has decided to commemorate his anniversary in all the regions of Cameroon.

During the occasion, Dr. Dewah presented his new product "Disbuilder", which he said is a therapy used to kill the HIV virus from spreading. Dewah called on government and other well wishers to grant subventions to enable him produce the product in larger quantities at a lower cost so that patients can afford to pay.

To Emile Agbor, National Executive Secretary of AYCJ, his association is out to recognise the input of Dr. Dewah in nation building. Agbor said this award is given for the successes achieved in the practice of modern traditional medicine and his services to mankind in the domain of health.

"Dr. Dewah and Bros Modern Traditional Clinic has gone through difficulties and fulfilment, hindrances and solutions, joy and distress, but today celebrates achievements," said Agbor.
For his part, the Chief Medical Officer and head of the Bafoussam District Hospital, Dr. Salifou Noutu, said the ceremony was a reward to Dr. Dewah for the work done in 30 years. Dr. Noutu also lauded the initiative of AYCJ for taking a wonderful step and congratulated Dr. Dewah for the hygienic conditions under which his medicines are prepared. Present in Bafoussam were the Fons of Baligashu, foreign dignitaries, and several traditional dance groups to grace the occasion.