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Dr. Nkengasong Wins Eko Prize For Literature 

By Nelen Tambe — Varsity don, writer, playwright and poet, Dr. John Nkemngong Nkengasong, is winner of the 2013 Eko Prize for Literature. He wins a cash prize of 1000 dollars and a commemorative plaque on which his name is inscribed. The committee of judges declared the literary scholar winner when it met recently in the US to select the winner of the 2013 Eko Prize and the winners of the Eko Prize for Emerging Anglophone Writers.


According to a press release issued by the Anglophone Cameroon Writers Association, ACWA, the decision recognised Nkengasong’s lifetime achievements as a playwright with five published plays, novelist with three published titles, a poet with a published collection of poems and a critic with several critical essays on Anglophone Cameroon Literature published in national and international journals.

The committee observed that in 2008 Nkengasong participated in several writers’ residencies abroad culminating in the award of the title of “Honorary Fellow in Writing”, by the University of Iowa, USA. Due to this, he is congratulated for encouraging and promoting Anglophone Cameroon Writers’ Association.

Meanwhile, Abety Gwandi wins the Prose Fiction Prize for his work titled, “Traded for a Trifle”; Gladys Focho Ngwi won the poetry category for her collection of poems titled, “If you were God”.
Hans Ndah Nyah was declared winner in the drama category for his work titled, “Jacob Ache the Great”; and Samson Nkwetatang wins the non-fiction category for his book titled, “Discourses”. These laureates will receive the sum of 250 dollars each.

The Eko Prize for Literature is a collaborative agreement between The Eko Foundation for Furtherance of Literature and the Anglophone Cameroon Writers’ Association, ACWA. This collaboration has as objective to promote Anglophone Cameroon literature. The Eko Foundation is an educational foundation incorporated in the State of Iowa in the US. 
The prize award ceremony is slated for December 2013.

First published in The Post print edition no 01479

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