Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Drivers to Stay in Their Cars at Checkpoints, Minister Orders 

By Solomon Amabo

CameroonPostline.com — Transport Minister Robert Nkilli has said motorists would subsequently not leave their seats to meet traffic police and gendarmes each time they are stopped at a check point.

Taxi driver trying to negotiate his way through

“My Ministry is working on a text in that regard. We have noticed that drivers leave their vehicles and walk to meet men in uniform [at the roadside] where they often offer bribes without their documents being checked. Henceforth the drivers would present their documents while on their seats. Passengers, the state of the vehicles and their content are to be checked,” he announced.

Mr. Nkilli was speaking at a Saturday meeting in Douala with officials of trade unions of the urban and interurban transport sector on how to best combat road accidents in Cameroon.
Some drivers said the impending move by the minister would motivate them to always be in a regular situation as far as car papers are concerned, and to avoid giving bribes to law enforcement officers.

The minister also told the representatives of interurban and urban transporters that combating road accidents was a collective responsibility. Mr. Nkilli faulted drunk drivers, driving schools which poorly train drivers, bus companies that overwork their drivers and commercial motorcyclists who disrespect road signs for the rampant accidents in the country.

Leaders of the confederation of trade unions called on the government to ensure car documents are issued on time and for thorough checks to be done on vehicles which ply roads in Cameroon without proper registration. These measures, the drivers said, would reduce armed attacks in vehicles.

The Ministry of Transport equally announced that it will soon begin meting out harsh sanctions against motorist who disrespect the traffic code.

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