Monday, November 19, 2018
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Drowned Soldiers 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The remains of the two young Cameroonian soldiers who went missing at sea along the coast of Limbe were recovered on October 22 and ferried to a Douala hospital for post-mortem examination.
Army Sergeant, Pascal Yumeni, and colleague, Corporal Wiriwu Lobek, are reported to have battled in vain to save their lives when a flying boat that they had taken to sea in the wee hours of October 19, overturned.
They are said to have, in the company of a retired gendarme officer and a Beniniose, taken to the sea at about 3:00 am for a maritime surveillance mission. Their boat, The Post gathered, came face-to-face with a suspect smugglers’ boat, supposedly from Nigeria. A confrontation is said to have ensued. The alleged smugglers, who ended up escaping, allegedly rammed their boat against the flying boat, hauling all the soldiers into the sea. The two soldiers, the retired gendarme officer and the Beniniose began the ferocious task of swimming in the depth of night in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Mabeta at Limbe III.
While the retired gendarme officer swam ashore, the two soldiers battled in vain to find themselves back to land. 
The Post gathered that a post mortem shall have to be conducted on their bodies to ascertain if they died, simply by drowning, or otherwise. 
“We are told there was a scuffle with the smugglers,” a security official told The Post.
Meantime, the military shall, today, Monday, October 27, begin investigating the two survivors, namely; the retired gendarme and the Beniniose to ascertain what transpired.
Njalla Quan’s Son Battered
Henry Njalla Quan Jr, son of the late former General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, fell victim to an overzealous soldier at Down Beach in Limbe, where the remains of Yumeni and Wiriwo, were brought in from Mabeta, before being conveyed to Douala for post-mortem examination.
The soldiers had, practically cordoned off the Down Beach waterfront and were keeping off every body. Not even reporters were allowed near the area. But Njalla Quan Jr, who leaves in this part of town, apparently without knowing, left their house at the other end of the road leading to Down Beach and was going past the Beach front where the two bodies, tied to a boat, were still waiting at the seashore for the ambulance that was to ferry them to Douala. 
As he tried to pass-by using the main road that leads to their house, through the cordoned of the area, a soldier soon bolted out from the rest and pounced on him, The Post gathered, on grounds that he had dared to violate the cordon. A confrontation soon erupted, but was, nevertheless, resolved when the attention of some high rank military officers was drawn.

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