Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Education Delegate Decries 

By Chris Mbunwe — The Northwest Delegate for Secondary Education, George Shey Sunjo, has criticised teachers who abandon their classrooms for mean jobs abroad. The Delegate was speaking during the education sector conference on May 13, at Government Technical High School, GTHS, Bamenda.
Appreciating the commitment of the teachers who have decided to remain in the country, Sunjo said he was aware of the problems such as insufficient staffing and competent teachers leaving for greener pastures that plagued schools during the current academic year.
In addition to these problems, there were also undue teacher absences coupled with the fact that most students do not have all the required text books. These and other problems definitely had an impact on syllabus coverage. That notwithstanding, Sunjo was still hopeful that there was proper and effective preparation for the end of course examinations which will not stop the Northwest from occupying first position in the country as it did last year.
While admitting to strike actions by teachers and a few agitations by students in some schools, Sunjo said the students were clamouring for better staffing situation and a convenient study environment which the highest authority is making efforts to resolve. He urged teachers to show maturity at all levels. 
“It beats my imagination that some school heads defy hierarchical instructions and continue to collect unauthorised levies. Some, I am informed, are unable to provide the necessary materials for specialised rooms despite budgetary provisions for that purpose,” said Sunjo. 
According to him, these are some of the people who deliberately want to perturb the smoothness of the school system, and such people when identified, will be sanctioned accordingly.
As the staff are putting their last energy to ensure a successful examination session, Sunjo warned that any attempt at examination fraud from any quarters must be fought with all the means available.