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Ekale Mukete, Tabot Clash Over CPDM Section Presidency 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Two militants of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, Prince Ekale Mukete and Lawson Tabot Bakia, clashed on January 29 over the Presidency of the Meme IA Section.
According to the official list published after the reorgansiation of the basic organs of the CPDM, Tabot Bakia won the election, but Ekale Mukete has contested the results hence both of them are posing as Meme IA Section President.

Both militants attended a ceremony organised to extend New Year wishes to the Meme Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, David Koulbout Aman, in the capacity of Section President of the Meme IA section.

The duo created a scene when political leaders were announced to extend their wishes to the SDO. Seated next to each other, Ekale and Bakia rose from their seats at the same instance all playing smart to be the first to shake hands with the administrator.

Bakia branched off and reached the SDO first. Ekale, on his part, watched for a few seconds and took to the red carpet rolled out for the event and equally shook hands with the SDO.

The crowd that had turned out watched the scenario unfold and silence filled the air around the esplanade of the SDO’s cabinet. A few seconds later, the entire crowd began murmuring.
Earlier, Ekale who came first to the event venue chose a seat where political leaders were stationed. A few minutes later, Bakia arrived and got himself a seat on the same column.

However, there was considerable space separating the two militants though they sat next to each other.
Since both militants succeeded in greeting the SDO, the question from the population has been as to who is heading the Meme IA section. However, none of the militants has made any official statement.

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