Dear Bro. Fonkam, It was with great concern that the CLUB discussed the confusion in which you’ve agreed to commit yourself. Before we get there, please do bear with us if you find this discussion unusually terse. The matter and the manner must go in tandem, don’t you agree?

Delicate assignments are usually placed on the shoulders of courageous men and women. By all indications, Uncle Paul did a lot of hard thinking before selecting the lot of you guys sitting on ELECAM’ s board. It would appear though that as usual, you people have chosen to misunderstand my uncle.

You know like we all do that the statutes of ELECAM provide for neutral personalities to manage its affairs. I am sure that all of you guys will agree with the CLUB that you don’t get anywhere close to neutrality from any angle in spite of all the wind-blowing. The president is a legalist; so why did he appoint you guys anyway? Before I give you privileged and obvious information, permit me provide you guys evidence that you are doing everything but what my uncle expects. And I can say frankly that you do so at your own peril.

Do you remember how much of our quarry-earned money the president spent on foreign and local consultations? Do you think that he went to all this extent just to impress you people? Once more, you, (his collaborators) have missed the point woefully. And if you think that you were appointed because Uncle Paul did not see independent and truly neutral personalities to accomplish his cherished desire for a democratic Cameroonian hood then there is little hope left.

My uncle, the President’s intention is and remains for his own household to self-correct and pave the way for peaceful transition into prosperity. If Uncle Paul were to win in a fair bout, (and he can) the hood will enter a new era, one of serenity and confidence; legality and legitimacy.

And who told you that Uncle Paul wants to die in power by the way? Looks like you guys have an agenda of your own in trying to coerce him to cling on. One thing I can assure you, and this is the most privileged information, is that my uncle will gracefully retire for a most deserved rest were it to happen in elections conducted by his own. He would have disproved those who think that our household is incapable of fairness.

Would it be the same if he were to retire after elections conducted by some of these wolves in sheep clothing? Do you get the point brother? When we put you guys and your declarations under CLUB scanner, we get the impression that those on whom the hood spent quarried money were interested in studying the weaknesses rather than the strengths of sister electoral bodies around the globe.

That then was a grievous error and if you on whose shoulders responsibilities now lie are not astute and courageous enough, you can lead the hood into something worse than the Noah deluge. We do sincerely hope that you are in a position to weigh the enormity of the challenge and the possible implications for the entire hood if you fail to deliver.

In this regard Bro. Fonkam, let me tell you that ELECAM is not in a position to enjoy the benefit of doubt. (One more benefit of doubt after fifty years of the same will surely be in excess.) Neither are you in a position to declare that your hands too were tied; that will be deja entendu. That is the impression we have when you declare that the law does not demand that you start electoral registration from scratch. Does it (the law) forbid you from starting a new process that will inspire the people and give them hope and faith?

When good men refuse to do good deeds, they give credence to those who think that their goodness is feigned. Bro. Fonkam, you know like I do, that a million bill boards and all the air time on TV and radio will not take the people to register. You also know am sure, that if people were to register and collect their cards on the spot you will register more than the targeted nine million voters. Question is why will you not do this; or does the law forbid this too?

CLUB2020 intends for 2011 to be a celebration of political maturity and national reconciliation. If you fail to take the people to the polls in fairness, you would have thwarted this aspiration which you know is shared by our uncle. That is why he will be going up country by the end of this year, not as some people think, to use guns to scare Uncle John out of his pants. We cannot afford to fail brother. No, we dare not. Uncle Paul and the people will hang us. 

Remember that you have posterity to render account to. More importantly, our children expect us to rise up to the occasion. Let me warn that we might have no opportunity to express regrets. The mood is grey out here.  What is it they say about a word to the wise?

Patriotically yours,
Moderator, CLUB2020