Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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ELECAM Nominees Have Affiliations To Same Party – EU 

The release reads in part: "The European Union notes the nominations by the presidential decree to the council of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, and the appointment of the Director General and Assistant Director General to ELECAM. Stressing the need for ELECAM to fulfil its role with independence,

impartiality and credibility, the European Union regrets the delay that has preceded these nominations and the fact that the overwhelming majority of nominees have affiliations to one and the same party, notwithstanding the consultations with stakeholders that preceded the appointments," the EU statement reads. In this wise, the EU urges the government of Cameroon to take necessary measures to guarantee the independence of ELECAM (Elections Cameroon)

According to the declaration, the EU is calling on government to take all necessary steps to create the necessary legislative and administrative environment for electoral reform, to guarantee the operational independence of ELECAM, to devote sufficient resources to ELECAM to enable it function effectively and to build widespread public confidence in the organisation.
The EU also calls on the Electoral Council and leadership of ELECAM to demonstrate independence and impartiality in all its actions as it plays its critical role in ensuring free and fair elections for the benefit of the people of Cameroon.

Meanwhile, ELECAM officials have begun function, following their swearing-in recently. The officials say they are determined to give a positive and an unprecedented kink to Cameroon’s electoral process. Speaking to the press last week, the Director General of ELECAM called on Cameroonians to spit out voter apathy by registering their names in the electoral registers and be ready to vote when the time comes.

Besides the upcoming presidential elections in 2011, ELECAM is expected to organise Regional and Senatorial elections. As the elections management body struggles to install itself in the wake of widespread criticisms, observers hold that ELECAM has to do everything possible to prove to Cameroonians that it can organise free and fair elections.

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