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Elite Fear Extinction Of Village Name 

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

Elite of Bamunka village in Ndop Sub-division, Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region, are increasingly nursing fears that the name of their Fondom, (Bamunka) may disappear from the administrative vocabulary of the Division, if serious steps are not taken.

The elite state that the name Ndop originally was a generic name covering the 13 villages of Ndop Sub-division, during the days when it was a sub-division under Mezam Division. According to the elite, when the 13 villages were transformed into Ngoketunjia Division with Ndop as headquarters, the Bamunka Fondom, which  is the seat of the administration, is today little used and little known. In an interview with The Post on May 28, Thomas Lima a Bamunka elite, suggested several ways of remedying the situation. 

According to him, the Senior Divisional Officer, and all other administrative authorities in Bamunka, should ensure that all their decisions, communiqués and letterheads carry Bamunka instead of Ndop.To Lima, the Mayor can also be instrumental in remedying the situation if he signs a municipal order causing all economic operations to change their signboards and letterheads to read Bamunka instead of Ndop.

Another elite, Henry Ntombong, insisted that "the name Bamunka as a Fondom is fading out." 
Ntombong said Bamunka tradition and customs will hold them accountable for killing the local administration to do all in their powers to preserve the name Bamunka. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Vabi, a Bamenda elite and Executive Bureau Member of Northwest Development Organisation, NOWEDO, is of the opinion that the continuous reference to Bamunka Fondom as Ndop may have far-reaching and devastating effects on the people of Bamunka.

According to Dr. Vabi, development projects and other things destined for Bamunka, but addressed as Ndop, may end up being diverted elsewhere because Ndop is not a specific location, but a name covering 13 villages.The Bamunka elite also appealed to all institutions in the Fondom including schools and colleges whose signboards and letterheads do not carry the name Bamunka, to consider a change from simply Ndop, to Bamunka, Ndop.

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