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Embezzlers Should Pay Up And Still Be Jailed, -SDF District Chairman 

By Sarah Nduma Ekema

The issue of corruption and embezzlement of public funds in the Southwest Region has been highlighted as a social ill where, defaulters need to go to prison after they refund money they have embezzled.

This issue and more were raised by the Southwest District Chairman of the Social Democratic Front,SDF, JohnsonKwendiTayong, at the party’s 25th anniversary on Tuesday, May 26,in Buea.

To the District Chairman, the National President of SDF, Ni John FruNdi had stated before that, things were not moving on well but the regime in power needed proof and today, a host of Ministers and other top CPDM officials are in prison because of corruption and embezzlement of public funds,with some SDF members inclusive.

“We are talking about Yaounde but it is here in Buea.Talking of corruption, the Delegation of Transport is an example, while in terms of embezzlement the Cameroon OIC is equally an example. A recent commission into OIC found that, the people were spending money which was not theirs.

People are being told to pay millions to avoid prosecution in court. There is the problem of land grabbing where some Chiefs and civil servants have sold Bakweri land and put the money in their pockets. The SDF is saying that when these men and women pay the money, they should still go to prison. Only this can bring the change we stand for” Kwendi stated.
Since its creation, the SDF, to the District Chairman has done a lot in Buea even though it had been in power for only one term.

“We ran the Council for only one term and the other party took over, but before that, we linked up some streets in the Region, constructed bridgesthatlinked the villages of the Buea municipality,other things we were supposed to do stopped on the way” Kwendi said, adding that, all those who were made to understand that the SDF does not exist should come back because the SDF to the District Chairman, would be even more powerful now.

“The most important thing is that, people who did not believe in the SDF have now believed in the party because what the CPDM promised doing, has not been achieved.

Earlier in his welcome address, the SDF Buea District Adviser, Moses Ekeke likened the SDF party to a baby who is no longer called a child when he gets to 25years and said the party had grown to maturity.
“Let us turn behind and see the number of supporters the party has. Buea has a greater SDF majority which is evident during elections.If this party has survived for 25 years, then it still has a journey in front which it would still survive”,Ekeke averred.

Militants also had a talk on “Cameroon Christian and Politics” presented by Dennis Kumbowherein he dwelled on some of the differencesbetween Christianity and politics.
“Politics deals mostly with self interest, Christianity preaches of the love of God and love of neighbour;God puts people in leadership positions so that His will for mankind is achieved” Kumbo noted, while calling on the militants to let God lead their lives .

Militants also observed a minute of silence in honour of those who had died in setting up the party. The occasion was equally animated by the MukongeDance Group.

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