Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Engineer Drinks 

By Chris Mbunwe

Officials of Les Brasseries du Cameroun recently handed a set of complete new living room equipment to a young computer Engineer, Derick Akoso, 23, winner of the crown cork of AMSTEL Beer. The prize was handed over at a public occasion in Ntarinkon Bamenda.
Senior Brasseries officials namely; Evelyn Tchinda Ngwe – the Commercial District Manager for West 2, Northwest and Bambotus, Francis Chi Ndifor, Publicity and Marketing Manager, West 2, said it is Les Brasseries du Cameroun’s top policy to always reward faithful consumers of their products. The duo said the attractive new look of the bottle and the content is being enjoyed more than ever before by millions of AMSTEL faithful.
According to them, the AMSTEL promotion that started in February dubbed; “Reach for the top and win in style,” saw many customers wining several free beer bottles, mobile phones and lap tops in Nso, Mbouda and Bamenda. 
“We are very fortunate that this set of living room chairs was won here in Ntarinkon at ‘Longa Bar’.
The winner of the chairs, Derick Akoso, said, on that fateful day, luck smiled on him when a friend of his took him out to share a drink. 
“I gulped one to two bottles of AMSTEL which I used to drink and it is the 3rd bottle that gave me the winning cork. I was so surprised and I informed the owner of ‘Longa Bar’ who informed the Les Brasseries sales agents. I am today an Ambassador of AMSTEL because these are chairs I could never have had in my life. My family is very grateful to Les Brasseries du Cameroun and we send special appreciation to all who work for this company,” Akoso enthused. He said his house will completely be transformed, comparable only to that of a Minister or Director.

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