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Environment And Nature Experts Examine GP-DERUDEP Projects 

By Chris Mbunwe

Divisional Delegates of Environment and Protection of Nature spent a close to a week in Belo Subdivision, Boyo Division, recently to examine the execution of various projects executed by the Grassfield Decentralisation Rural Development Project known as GP-DERUDEP. The meeting was aimed at ensuring that the GP-DERUDEP projects so far executed were in strict respect of environmental norms and proposing solutions.

Environment and Nature Protection Delegate with DP-DERUDEP officials

Holding within the framework of a protocol agreement between the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Nature, experts presented reports from the seven Divisions of the Northwest on the environmental impact of GP-DERUDEP activities on the field and prescribed "on the spot" mitigation measures where necessary. The Delegates recommended that, for road construction, there should be a good stabilisation of the sides, planting of trees and terracing to check erosion.

Meanwhile, with regards to schools constructed by GP-DERUDEP, the Delegates prescribed tree planting to check violent winds, the provision of portable water and a good toilet system.
For slaughter slabs constructed, they recommended a proper waste management system to handle both liquid and solid waste as well as availability of water and a good drainage system in order to check environmental concerns.

Speaking to The Post after the meeting, the Northwest Regional Delegate of Environment and Protection of Nature, Tansi Laban, said all these measures are to ensure sustainability of both GP-DERUDEP projects and the environment.  On his part, GP-DERUDEP Environmentalist, Idi Tamjong, expressed satisfaction at the massive attendance and the work done for the close to one week that the Delegates were in Belo Subdivision.

He said the Belo meeting was to present an update of the environmental situation of GP-DERUDEP activities. He recommended that the Regional Delegation of Environment be involved at all levels of reception of all GP-DERUDEP sponsored projects to ensure that the contractors actually took environmental concerns into consideration. Control Engineers were told to sit up and do quality control for roads constructed. They also insisted on the necessity to sensitise Mayors and the beneficiary communities on sustainable methods to manage the projects when they are eventually handed to them. 

This meeting of Delegates is the third in a series of four, jointly coordinated by GP-DERUDEP and the Regional Delegation of Protection of Nature. In this regard, the stakeholders must convene another seminar workshop before GP-DERUDEP wraps up in December 2010
Among other areas visited, the Delegates visited the Mbingo watersheds protected by GP-DERUDEP.

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