Monday, November 19, 2018
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Erstwhile STV News Caster, Lulu Efange, Dies 

By Francis Tim Mbom Lulu Favour Efange one of the pioneer staffers of the Douala-based Spectrum Television house, STV, has died. Family relations who talked to The Post said she died at a little after 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 17, at the Mutengene Baptist Hospital, Mbingo Annex, Tiko Subdivision. Lulu, after leaving STV, is said to have taken to business and was, among other things, running a Bible Shop in Limbe before she took ill. 
A relation at their family compound at Bonadikombo (Mile Four), Limbe, said she had been sick for a while. Meantime, the mother, as at Friday, April 18, was still to recover from the shock of her daughter’s passing. Lulu, before joining STV, was also on the starting staff of the Limbe-based Ocean City Radio where she was fondly referred to by her listeners as “Mama Lush”
A graduate from the University of Buea, Lulu is just one of those few mellifluous voices, of late, that used to animate the radio and TV waves in Cameroon, but which death has harvested in the brashest fashion at its very prime. Her mortal remains have been preserved at the Regional Hospital Mortuary in Limbe as funeral arrangements are being made by the family.

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