Monday, May 20, 2019
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ESIR Nabs 8 Cocaine Merchants 

By Kings Osa Jeifor

Elements of the special team of the Rapid Intervention Brigade, ESIR, in Douala have arrested eight cocaine merchants.
The eight drug dealers were nabbed on Monday, February 16, in broad daylight at the Besseke neighbourhood in Bonaberi.

Acting on the directives of an informant, the ESIR, led by its Coordinator, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Wangbitching, invaded the hideout of the illicit drug dealers and successfully rounded up eight of them, as they were busy carrying out their illegal transaction.

The drug dealers were caught with 49 packets of cocaine, cannabis and some dangerous weapons. Following instructions from the Littoral Regional Delegate for National Security, Raymond Essogo, the eight cocaine peddlers: Herve Landry Yempo Kom, 32; Abdoulaye Haman, 31; Herve Achile Ndjami Mbock, 30; Lovell Nchang Che, 29; Kenda Nkalle, 25; Bienvenue Bibai, 25; Anicette Matalla, 22, and Lazard Ewane, 17, were taken to the Central Police Station in Bonassama, where investigations are on going.

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