By Barnabas K. Mbonde

Ethiopian Airlines  aircraft
Ethiopian Airlines aircraft
If you are planning on flying by Ethiopian Airlines (ET) and want to enjoy a juicy discount on your ticket, then your best bet is to book online.

Africa’s most popular airlines company has cut out 20 percent from her online sales for the benefit her valued passengers to destinations in China (Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Peking and Shanghai).

Passengers are, therefore, encouraged to use ET’s web sales services, which is available till September 30, 2016.

Travellers can book and buy tickets online to enjoy the big discount by logging into the ET web link both in English and French: or

Additional five kilograms of free baggage allowance also awaits passengers using self-service check-in kiosks at airports at the following airports: Addis Ababa, Mumbai, Dare-es-Salaam, Delhi, Johannesburg, Lusaka, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles.

In addition to this new package, passengers travelling from Ouagadougou to Guangzhou, Beijing or Shanghai until end of September, 2016 can enjoy 30 percent discount on Cloud 9, and 25 percent discount on Economy Class tickets.