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EU To Upgrade Cameroon 

By Lekungha Sama & Eulalia Amabo Nchang — The European Union (EU) has decided to place more emphasis in Cameroon’s export so as to help her find its place in the world market.  The disclosure was made on July 5 during celebrations marking the 10th edition of the Cameroon- European friendship day in Yaounde. The Head of the European Union Commission to Cameroon, H. E Raul Mateus Paula, explained that such initiative had been provoked by predominant opinion that Cameroon exports less than it imports.

To him, the situation is detrimental to the Cameroonian economy, especially as the exported products are usually raw basic commodities. While highlighting the role Cameroon plays in the provision of raw materials to its neighbouring countries, Mateus Paula described Cameroon as a provision room as it produces and supplies its produce especially to Central African states.

According to him, this is the more reason why the EU, which is “the most important donor of public aid in the world and in Cameroon ”, is ready to continue helping Cameroon develop its exportation potentials so as to permit her upgrade and ameliorate her exportation networks.
Mateus said even though his four-year term as EU head will soon come to an end, he, through the EU, will work hand in gloves with Cameroon, especially its private sector, to help her become one of the most attractive emerging economies.

Chairing the event, Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations, Prof. Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, appreciated what he termed the huge efforts the EU has invested so far in the country in accompanying the country in its education, health, agricultural areas as well as in the number of road networks which are feasible signs of the cooperation between Cameroon and the EU.

First published in The Post print edition no 01445

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