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Evangelist Preaches Redemption In Pop 

By Azore Opio

Evangelist Agatha Yebi was born in 1972 in Small Soppo, Buea on the foggy mountain slopes of Mt. Fako. Unlike some of the world’s best music geniuses like Whitney Houston, Robert Kelly, Mariah Carey and Joe Thomas, bred and tutored in church, Agatha, inspired by her parent’s love for music, started singing at four.

Evangelist Yubi on stage

The Evangelist told The Post that she used to form music instantly from observing objects and even textbooks. Now she is here with a debut gospel album, "Go Back (Violent Singer). With the debut album, the evangelist is taking the local music scene by storm. The title track is done in a dazzling mix of afro-beat biased onto bikutsi.

Agatha celebrates the fact that God is there waiting for those who might have gone astray to seek Him again, but the best bit of the music is her upbeat, joyous vocals. "Go Back" is a hyper-active dance mix that will get anyone onto the floor. This song is chastisement, "calling a spade, a spade; telling the hard truth." "I want people’s lives to be transformed from bad to food. Those derailed from God’s ways to come back to Him," says Agatha.

"Flowers Will Bloom Again" is prophetic and encourages people who have lost hope to rekindle it. "Go Back" includes nine songs that are either ballads or done variously to bikutsi, zouk, tchatcha, reggae, coupé-decalér, pachanga; all sang in either Pidgin English, English, Bakweri or French in order to reach to as many people as possible.

Though it has the hooks that party animals seek, Agatha’s music preaches good social values, which metaphorises adultery, fornication, condemns them and exalts faithfulness and moral uprightness, while giving praise and worship to God.

Agatha works at the GCE Board Division of Examinations. She is married to John Mayebi Yebi with four children. She is also a pastor at the Christ Exceeding Grace Ministries.The next launching of "Go Back" will take place at the Limbe Council Hall on Saturday, October 3 at 6 pm. It had previously been launched at the Catholic Mission Hall, Buea Town on September 4.

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