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Ex-Provisional CAMAIR Administrator Detained 

Ngamo had suffered two arrests before by the Judicial Police in Yaounde and escorted twice to Douala for interrogation and taken back to Yaounde the same number of times. This time around, Ngamo faced the Attorney General of the Littoral Region, Amadou Soule, after he [Ngamo] was kept waiting for hours. When the Attorney General finally received Ngamo at about 4 pm, it was to sign an order that he be detained at New Bell Prison.

The former CAMAIR boss was, however, not taken immediately to prison as the Attorney General had to despatch his file to the President of the Wouri High Court. At the High Court, Ngamo was interrogated for several hours by an Examining Magistrate in the presence of his lawyer, Jackson Ngnie Kamga. Afterwards, he was escorted to the New Bell Prison.

FCFA 127 Billion Allegedly Embezzled

Despite the arrest and subsequent detention of Ngamo, Judicial authorities in Douala have not made any official statement concerning the accusations levelled against the CAMAIR Ex-Provisional Administrator. It is, however, known that his arrest is linked to his (mis)management of national airlines, CAMAIR, for the three years he was head of the company. Sources close to Ngamo`s lawyer said five charges are being levelled against the Ex-Provisional Administrator.

The charges include problems his management had with the Minister of Finance and the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, SNH, among other institutions. There was also the issue of the illegal sale of CAMAIR property, unpaid fuel bills, issue of unpaid bills for planes leased by CAMAIR and the issue of temporal workers, among others. The five charges put together make Ngamo accusable of embezzling over FCFA 127 billion. This is, however, said to include money which was unaccounted for during his three-year tenure.

Meanwhile, two of the five charges pressed against Ngamo are issues which The Post had formerly reported about his management – the management of fuel for the company’s planes, accumulated bills for two planes which CAMAIR leased from an American company, Ansett.
As we reported in our edition No. 0938, in early February 2008, the lone CAMAIR plane (Dja, Boeing 767-300) was grounded for several days because no company was willing to lend CAMAIR any more fuel.

The airline company then reportedly owed Total, which was its major supplier, over FCFA 1 billion and was said to owe other fuel companies over FCFA 2 billion.  Things got to a head for Ngamo when Ansett impounded the Dja at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France, on March 3, 2008 for accrued debts. This seemed to have been such a disgrace and an embarrassment to the government that President Paul Biya immediately instructed the Minister of Finance, Lazare Essimi Menye, to negotiate with Ansett for the release of the plane. A few days later, Biya fired Ngamo.

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