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Fai Yengo’s Sympathisers Shocked By His Travel Ban Former PAD GM Also Barred From Travelling 

By Joe Dinga Pefok
Sympathisers of the former Governor and former Board Chair of the Douala Port Authority, PAD, Francis Fai Yengo, have been taken aback with the appearance of his name on the list of persons barred from leaving the country.
No official reason has been advanced for the barring of the over 20 persons from leaving the country. However, sources familiar with such decisions say the individuals barred from leaving the country are either indicted for embezzlement of public funds, or for ongoing investigations on matters concerning embezzlement of public funds.
Meantime, the name of Fai Yengo Francis conspicuously appears at the first position on the latest list circulated by the Delegate General of National Security.

Board Chair Of PAD
Fai Yengo, while he was Governor of Littoral Region, at one time served as the Board Chair of Ports Authority of Douala, PAD, appointed by President Biya to replace his brother from Bui Division, Christopher Nsahlai (late).
At the time, Jean Marcel Dayas Mounoume was General Manager of PAD, having been appointed to that office on January 25, 2008 to replace Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono (also late).

Dayas Mounoume, Fai Yengo Sacked
In February 2012, Fai Yengo was sent on retirement. He was replaced as Governor of Littoral by Joseph Beti Assomou. At the same time, the then Wouri SDO, Bernard Okalia Bilai, was appointed Governor of the Southwest Region.
When Fai Yengo was sent on retirement, his people thought he at least had the juicy post of Board Chair of PAD to depend on. But a month later, on March 27, 2012, Fai Yengo and Dayas Mounoume were both fired respectively as Board Chair and General Manager of PAD. Fai Yengo was replaced as Board Chair by another son of the Northwest Region, Shey Jones Yembe, former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Works. Dayas Mounoume was replaced by Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono, who made a come back to the post.
Installing the new team, the then Minister of Transport, Robert Nkili, openly indicted Dayas Mounoume, as well as Fai Yengo, of gross mismanagement and financial improprieties.

Fai Yengo Interrogated
A few months after Fai Yengo was sacked as Board Chair of PAD, The Post reported that he was interrogated twice by the Judicial Police at Bonanjo, Douala. But for sometime, there was silence. When Dayas was dragged to the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde for alleged embezzlement, and Fai Yengo was not involved, his sympathisers heaved a sigh relief, thinking that he had no case to answer. But the charge against Dayas had to do with an alleged embezzlement of FCFA 458 million which was a sum that PAD was due to repay to a foreign company, White Nile Corporation. The money was actually disbursed by PAD. But instead of repaying the money directly to White Nile Corporation, the cheque that PAD issued was instead in the name of a certain Patrice Tsimi Eyengue, who was allegedly the representative of the company in Cameroon. But there was apparently no document from White Nile Corporation asking PAD to pay the money through someone else. The money never got to White Nile Corporation.

Former GM Slammed 15 Years
The Special Criminal Court indicted Dayas for embezzlement of the FCFA 458 million. Four other persons were also indicted as co-accused. But Fai Yengo wasn’t.
Judgment on the matter was delivered on Friday, July 3, 2015, slamming a 15-year jail term on Dayas. But on the day the judgment was delivered, Dayas, who had not been put on pre-trial detention, was surprisingly not in court. He was reportedly in Yaounde early that day for the judgment, but left for Douala by midday, when, according to his lawyer, they gathered at the court that the judgment would not be delivered on that day.

Former GM Escapes
After the judgment was delivered, no move was taken to have Dayas arrested on that same Friday, July 3, 2015, in Douala. He reportedly spent the entire day of July 4 at his home in Bali, Douala, where he received some family members and some close friends.
Then in the night of July 4 breaking July 5, Dayas escaped from the country. There were allegations that there was complicity at several levels to enable him to escape from justice. An international warrant of arrest that was issued by the court has, so far, not yielded any fruit.
Another surprising thing concerning the Dayas Affair is that his name conspicuously features as No. 2 on the latest list of persons barred from leaving Cameroon.

Can Fai Yengo Be Tried Alone?
Considering that the former General Manager of PAD, Dayas Mounoume, has escaped from the country, there is a question as to whether the former Board Chair of PAD, Fai Yengo, can be put on trial alone, if it is established that there was embezzlement. In general, the tendency in embezzlement cases in State corporations is that, the General Manager who directly runs the company is principal accused and the Board Chair as co-accused.

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