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Fake Council Agents Arrested 

By George Arrey Agbor

CameroonPostline.com — The Mobile Intervention Unit (GMI No.2) in Douala have arrested two persons who have been reportedly passing for agents of the Douala V Council.  The two, Denis Dede Olama, 48, and Paul Desire Mbenga, 49, who have allegedly been terrorising and duping petty traders at Ndogbong, were caught red-handed on July 2. They duo was caught as they were collecting money from shop owners in the Ndogbong neighbourhood, as taxes supposedly destined for the Douala V Council in Bonamoussadi.

It was in the shop of one of the victims, Joseph Foko Tegho, where the GMI elements, led by 2nd Grade Police Inspector, Romuald Tchuikam, nabbed the imposters with fake documents purportedly signed by the Mayor, Hon. Francosie Foning. They equally had duplicates of receipts they already issued and cash that they collected from the small business owners. The two suspects were taken to the Judicial Police in Bonanjo for further investigations on charges of usurpation, stealing by force, pretence and forgery.

2 Arrested For Aggravated Theft

Thierry Fotso Timchou, 19, and Eric Mabingo, 33, were arrested at 3.00 am on July 3, at the PK 12 neighborhood after they broke into a shop specialised in second-hand goods. They are said to have stolen four computers, three computer cables and a bag containing different items, from the shop.

Elements of the 13th District Public Security in Douala hence arrested them for aggravated theft. The manager of the shop, Guy Dogmo, a student of the Douala University, alerted the police on a routine patrol, led by Senior Superintendent Tarh Ako Agbor Ambamg, who organised a rapid search in the area and smoked out the two suspects from their hideout with the stolen items. The suspects were in possession of a rod cutter, a nail remover and a padlock they had just destroyed from the shop.

Armed Bandits Nabbed

The 2nd District Public Security operatives, July 2, at 9.20 pm, arrested two suspects who attacked a young man at New Bell.

Mohamadou Awal, 20, and Willy Bertrand Sangagna, 22, were caught with daggers after they attacked a 16-year-old, Charles Ebob Bessong, dispossessing him of all his belongings.
Bessong’s shouts of distress attracted the elements of the police on routine patrol who succeeded in arresting the two suspects as four of their colleagues in crime took to their heels.
Man Almost Robbed Of Motorbike

On July 2, at Mboppi at 2.30 am, three men of the underworld, attacked a bike rider, a certain Eyambou, and tried to rob him of his motorbike. Njimah Issoufa, 29, armed with a dagger, and two of his accomplices, reportedly attacked Eyambou and tried to take away his bike. When he shouted for help, the armed men reportedly stabbed him on the right arm, but that could not make him to let go his bike. Eyambou’s shouts attracted a night watchman who helped him to arrest one of his assailants, Njimah Issoufa, while the other two took to their heels abandoning their Nanfang Sunny motorbike.

Eyambou was taken to the Douala Laquintinie Hospital, while the police took the bike to the 2nd District Public Security Station and opened investigations. Same night, at 3.45 pm at Bepanda, 30-year-old Samuel Guy Marcel Massamba was caught as he tried to break the door of a certain Bienvenue Nguimya. Nguimya’s shouts of distress attracted neighbours who came out in their numbers and arrested the suspect bandit. Massamba was taken to the 7th District Public Security Police Station at Bepanda.

Two Assailants Nabbed

Two armed persons were arrested at the Baden Baden neighborhood in Bonamoussadi at 2.30 am, June 30, after they attacked a woman, Lisette Mahop, as she was about to get into her residence. 

The two, Hubert Kamagang and Jean Alex Tchulet, snatched the woman’s handbag, jewellery, bank card, National ID card, driver’s licence and the sum of FCFA 30.000. She reported that three armed bandits on board a motorbike swooped on her as she was about entering her gate. Her shouts of distress brought out the population that arrested the two suspects as one of their accomplices took to his heels. The two were taken to the 12th District Public Security Station at Bonamoussadi for further inquiries.

First published in The Post print edition no 01445

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