Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Fako Lawyers Ignore Justice Minister’s Invitation For Dialogue 

By Andrew Nsoseka

Resilient Lawyers

Resilient Lawyers

Fako lawyers under their association, Fako Lawyers’ Association, FAKLA, have resolved not to attend a meeting called for by the Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, to be held in Yaounde.

The lawyers took the decision at an extraordinary general assembly in Mutengene on November 18.

The Minister’s letter was addressed to FAKLA President, Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, inviting him for a working session at the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday, November 22.

“The President of FAKLA and all members of FAKLA who have been invited in whatsoever capacity should not attend the said meeting” the lawyers agreed.

The lawyers strongly stated that anyone who attends the said meeting shall not be doing so on behalf of FAKLA, and that any decision reached at shall not be binding to the association.

The lawyers’ decision not to attend the meeting is also said to have been influenced by the type of people who they say have been invited to take part in the meeting.

They noted that the agenda of the said meeting does not include the issue of the Common Law lawyers’ strike action.

In their resolutions, the lawyers noted that they will attend a meeting only if their conditions are met.

Amongst the pre-conditions, they noted that such a meeting must be chaired by the Prime Minister, or some other senior member of government, other than the Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal, Laurent Esso, who the lawyers say is now an interested party to the imbroglio.

They further said that the venue for such a meeting must be in the Northwest or Southwest Region of Cameroon, and that the representative of the lawyers in such a meeting must be designated by FAKLA.

While maintaining that the agenda of such a meeting must be on the survival of the Common Law and the Anglo-Saxon education system, the legal minds maintained that the President of the Bar Council, Ngnie Kamga Jackson Francis shall not be part of the meeting.

The lawyers noted that they are concerned by “the insolence of the President of the Cameroon Bar Council on the on-going strike by Common Law lawyers as reflected in a recent Bar Council resolution.”
They also faulted Laurent Esso for taking “an inappropriate and uninformed decision position on the Common Law issue”.

According to the lawyers, the Minister’s stand makes him an interested party.

The lawyers also declared that their strike action still continues as planned.