Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Fako People Should Rise, Unite And Advance 

They make the best of every opportunity. They try to do the best they can wherever they are.
Here, we, Fako people, are divided. When it comes to opposing each other, backstabbing and blackmailing each other, we are champions.

We are always focusing on big names or big families, and depending much on the system in place, which uses us rather than us benefiting from it. All of these have never helped us to advance. We are just there and contended where we are. This is not true of any growing, rightful thinking people.

We must rise and stand for our rights. Enough is enough. No one uses us this time around. Let us learn to be honest with one another. No one uses the other to climb his or her political ladder just to forget a few months after how he/she climbed.

Those who are at the top depend solely on the system that put them there. Some of them do not have independent minds of helping others. The truth is that, we cannot depend on the system alone to survive. We have to make use of what we have to progress and develop. We have to use our minority power and rights and have what we want and own.

We have everything it takes to be what we want to be, and own what is ours. Time has passed when we used to sell cheap. This is the time for us to regroup like others and rightfully claim what is ours.

Right in our land, none of us is in any of the Boards of all of the corporations and institutions in Fako Division. This is a thing that cannot happen anywhere else in the country. That is being too sheepish.

For close to 13 years, we have purportedly been in power, which power has not been to our advantage at all. This is because we did not plant enough, so, we are not sure to reap much from what we did not sow. We have always been deceived that we have been given the Prime Ministry, which is just a name or title that has no real weight. The example is that, many appointments and decisions are taken behind the PM, which is most of the time an embarrassment to him.

Besides, the Prime Minister and the Director of Cabinet serve the whole nation and as such, they cannot do much for their own people. They have no power to choose or dictate what they want; they must lobby to have what they want.

The policy of the State, or the piper, ties their hands. Being republican in nature and due to their up bringing by the religious colonial masters, they do not like to do what others do to make a name. They are very honest and hard working people.So, for Fako people to advance and develop, they have to be one in all respects and speak with one voice; know what is good for them and their people, and have the spirit of solidarity and be self-reliant.

We should learn to look at ourselves as one man and make use of our various talents. We should stop being discriminatory. Once a Fako man, a Fako man. No Bakweri up, no Bakweri down. This is going to help the new generation to progress faster than we have ever been.
God bless Fako Division and its people.

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