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Fame Ndongo Stokes Flames Of Anglophone Crisis Again 

*Says Classes Have Resumed In NW, SW Despite Threats
*Insists 2018 Polls Will Decide Form Of State
*Warns That Gov’t Cannot Dialogue With Secessionists

By Joe Dinga Pefok

CPDM Secretary for Communication,Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, says the Anglophone Crisisis an abandoned issue today.

He was speaking as guest on CRTV’s weekly programme, ‘Actualités Hebdo’, on Sunday, November 5, in prelude to the35th anniversary of President Paul Biya ascension to power.

Asked what the CPDM hasfor the Anglophones who are in Crisis as they celebratetheir Chairman’s anniversary, Prof. Fame Ndongo asserted that the Anglophone Crisis existed just for a short while.
“In the Northwest and Southwest Regions, nursery school kids are going to school. Pupils are going to their different primary schools. Students are going to their different colleges.

Amphitheatres of the different universities out there are overflowing with students. So, we cannot continue talking of a Crisis. There is no Crisis. The Crisis is over,” the CPDM bigwig told Ibrahim Cherif.

Cherif, visibly not convinced with Fame Ndongo’s claims, tactically brought back the issue of the Anglophone Crisis a number of times during the programme.

But the senior CPDM official stuck to his gun that the Anglophone Crisis does not exist anymore.
Anglophone Crisis Degenerating

Meanwhile, many political observers are unanimous that Fame Ndongo’s claims about the Anglophone Crisis being a forgotten issue are not only spurious, but unfortunate.

To the political observers, most Anglophones will certainly find such pronouncements from the CPDM baron, who was one of the refuters of the problem to be spiteful, provocative, and peevish.
Many Cameroonians think that the Anglophone Crisis is rapidly degenerating.

The burning of schools which started a few months ago is worsening, despite the presence of military officers on school campuses.

The wave of arbitrary arrests, torture, incarceration and killings of civilians by Government troops, are exacerbating.

An example of the worsening situation in the Anglophone Crisis was seen on Monday, November 6, when a gendarme officer was killed in Jakiri, Bui Division of the Northwest Region.

The officer was reportedly ambushed, killed and his gun seized by masked men.
The incident happened less than 24 hours after Prof. Fame Ndongo declared over CRTV that the crisis in the two Anglophone Regions has ended.

Anglophone Activists Tagged Demagogues

During the TV Programme, the Minister of Higher Education blamed Anglophone activists in the Diaspora, whom he called demagogues for the upheavals in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

He claimed that the Anglophone Crisis started when the Anglophone activists resorted to a game of demagogy, in a desperate move to convince the people back home to buy their illusion of creating an independent State of Ambazonia.

He said the activists painted the CPDM Government black in the eyes of the people and also deceived them into believing that a high level delegation from the United Nations was coming to Buea to declare “an imaginary independent State.”

Fame Ndongo said the activists, whom he qualified as demagogues, “built castles in the air”, as regard what the new independent State will look like.

He said the activists painted the picture of a fallacious situation where everybody in the new country will have a job.

To him, people were told of how everybody will be rich in the new State.

The CPDM bigwig said the ‘demagogues’ in the Diaspora deceived the people of the Northwest and Southwest not to send their children to school as part of the fight for imaginary independence, while their own children abroad were going to school.

He mocked at the type of country the ‘demagogues’ dream of creating when in the 21st century children are told not to go the school.

He compared the Anglophone activists to Boko Haram, which he said are against Western education.
Fame Ndongo further said the Anglophone activists also launched Ghost Town operations in the two Regions and deceived the people into respecting it.

The Chancellor of Academic Orders accused the activists of impoverishing the people with Ghost Towns, while they were abroad carrying out their different activists to feed themselves and their families.

On what ended the Anglophone Crisis, Fame Ndongo said following messages of appeasement and measures taken by the Government under the directives of President Biya, the people in the two Anglophone Regions finally realised that they were manipulated and misled by ‘demagogues.

Cardinal Tumi’s Advice

On what the CPDM is doing concerning the Anglophone issue, Fame Ndongo said President Biya’s directive is to continue with dialogue and the message of appeasement. But he spitefully said “dialogue will only beinitiated with those who were deceived.”

Asked how Government has been using the advice given by the Douala Archbishop Emeritus, Christian Cardinal Tumi, that Government should dialogue with Anglophones, including those they termed secessionists, Fame Ndongo maintained that “the Government will not discuss with secessionists”.

It would be recalled that in 2001 when the then Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, travelled to Yaounde on the occasion of the France –Africa Summit, he strongly advised President Biya and his Government to dialogue with the Anglophones, who were advocating for an independent State.

Biya reportedly accepted Annan’s proposal for dialogue, but never initiated any.

Form Of State

On the form of State, Fame Ndongo ruled out any possibility of holding a conferenceto discuss the form of State, amidst calls by opposition parties and civil society organisations for such a conference.
To him, a ‘dialogue’ on the form of State will come up during the 2018 elections.

Cameroonians will decide on the form of State not political parties.CPDM is for Decentralisation, while the SDF is for Federation.”

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