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Farmers Supported In Tree Planting Efforts 

By Ernest Sumelong

Farming groups in the Southwest, West and Northwest regions engaged in tree planting have received varying support materials from Tree for the Future, TFTF, a USA-based international organisation.

The material, which includes wheelbarrows, pruning scissors, hoes, cutlasses, rain boots, sprayers, pit axes, etc, were destined to model groups that have planted over 1000 trees.
Some of the groups in the Southwest Region received the materials Tuesday, November 11, at the Buea head office of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation, ERuDeF, which coordinates the activities of Trees for the Future in Cameroon.

This is the second time the TFTF foundation is providing support to the local farming groups.
Unlike last year when such materials were given to NGOs to distribute to the farmers, the Cameroon Programme Coordinator of Trees for the Future, Louis Nkembi, said they chose to hand over the materials directly to the farmers to ensure that they actually receive them.
The Post was told that in 2009, TFTF provided financial support worth over FCFA 3 million to farming groups in the Southwest, West and Northwest regions.

The aim of the project, The Post learnt, is to help the farmers improve their livelihoods through the introduction of environmentally sustainable land management projects focused on beneficial tree planting. Besides, it is also aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change.
When mature, the trees would serve both as manure for other crops and feeds for fowls and pigs.

A representative of one of the farming groups, AQUATIC Livestock Muamu, Augustine Abang, who boasted of having planted some 7,000 trees, said the materials they have gotten would ease their work. While priding himself as being part of a global venture, he expressed hope that the exercise would transform his life and that of his group members.

Following the award of the materials, the TFTF Cameroon Coordinator and his team alongside the farmers, visited one of the farms to appreciate the farmers’ efforts. TFTF is an agro-forestry resource centre operating in 60 countries in the world working to fulfil the United Nations Environment Programme vision of planting over one billion trees across the world.

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