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FCFA 30 Million Stolen From Limbe City Council 

By Francis Tim Mbom


Bandits are said to have broken into the Limbe City Council and made away with a good chunk of money which security sources hold amounts to some FCFA 30 million.

The bandits are said to have hit the Council on the night of May 15 breaking May 16 and got the City Council’s hired guards bound up before proceeding to the Cashier’s office. They are also reported to have visited the Government Delegate’s office and the City Council Credit Union cash lockers.

When the press went to the scene on May 16, a good number of workers had crowded around the cashier’s office, looking pensive. But the Secretary General of the Council, Charles Arrey Nkongho, soon zoomed in and ordered all the journalists away. 

“For now, we don’t want any pressmen here, please! We will call a press briefing later on,” he said.

The incident took place on the same Friday that the CAF Delegation was in town for the inspection of the Limbe Stadium and other facilities. The Secretary General of the City Council was thus wary that broadcasting the information about the incident might be counter productive to Cameroon’s bid to host the 2019 CAN, especially as the officials were in town. 

Many inhabitants have been wondering how the thieves got into the City Council that is located just about a hundred meters from the Limbe Police Station and some 200 meters away from the Limbe Gendarmerie Brigade, and there was no alarm to alert all these security outfits.

The bandits are said to have broken the Council’s metal safe; an operation anticipated to have taken quiet a couple of hours, without any security alarm or any intervention.

The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO of Fako, Zang III, is said to have summoned a security crisis meeting that May 16 afternoon, which The Post gathered, was aimed at examining the situation and commencing a probe.

The City Council incident comes barely one month after bandits, armed with pistols, on a motor bike, in broad day light, stormed a mobile money transfer agency at New Town in Limbe and made away the sum of FCFA 4 million, without any response from either the police or the gendarmes. 

Meantime, Limbe boasts of the presence of different security outfits; from the special unit of the Army, the BIR, to marines, gendarmes and the police. But the ease with which men of the underworld have been beating security intelligence and making away with whatever they want, of late, is becoming a worry to the population. 

This has caused the population to call on the SDO to take measures. One of such calls was made last May 1, by the President of the Fako Workers Agricultural Union, FAWU, Charles Mbide, who is one of the victims of this latest spate of banditry. A few weeks back, bandits visited his residence at night and made away with his Toyota pick up service vehicle, which he had parked in front of his residence at the Alfa Club neighbourhood. Till date, he said, neither the car nor the bandits have been found. 

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