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FCFA 35.6M Raised To Construct Baptist Church Complex 

By Eulalia Amabo Nchang $ Marie Solange Moki

CameroonPostline.com — The Etoug-Ebe Baptist church, Yaounde, April 7, raised FCFA 35.6 million as part of funds for the construction of an ultra modern church complex. The fundraising, which took place under the distinguished patronage of Prime Minister Philemon Yang, has as target to raise over FCFA 250M.

The four storey structure to be constructed is designed to have six apartments, seven offices, a conference hall and a dressing room for the choirs. Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 3:14-21, Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Philemon Nfor, encouraged Christians to acknowledge the love of God on them by contributing generously to the realisation of the project which will be used for the glory of God.

“Go beyond your imaginations because, with God, everything is possible. We might see the FCFA 250 million as impossible, but if, together, we contribute our little quotas, the project will come to a reality soon,” he urged. “Fear is the greatest impediment on our faith. But with faith, we can do great things such as the building of this modern complex, through which God will be glorified,” he said.

The Chairman of the Project Committee, Jones Shey, told Christians not to see the project as a challenge, but rather as a wonderful opportunity for everyone to do something for God. “Attain great things for God if you expect great things from Him,” he told Christians. He explained that the ultra modern structure will promote evangelisation, increase stewardship, improve standards of living for pastors and increase space for ceremonies like marriages, funerals and ordinations.

“We are building a conference hall for ceremonies where our Christians can use when blessing their marriages, rather than going to rent halls in town which are sometimes not secured,” he stated. Construction work, he said, will start as soon as they have 30 percent of the estimated amount. The Post further learned that individuals can pledge amounts for the project and pay over a period of time or in installments.

First published in The Post print edition no 01423

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