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Fed-Fed Washington Rehabilitates Catholic School Bali 

By Chris Mbunwe — On January 6, the Vice President of Nkumu Fed-Fed, Justine Fogam, accompanied by home-based members, Helen Ndangam and Eunice Tita, handed over rehabilitated classrooms and the office of the Head Teacher of Catholic School Bali.

The classrooms and office were rehabilitated by Nkumu Fed-Fed USA. Satisfied with what she described as a job well accomplished, Mrs. Fogam said when they watched the pictures of collapsing ceilings, broken floors, shattered or no windows of the school posted to them in Washington, they unanimously decided to rescue the pupils by carrying out complete repairs from classes 3-6.

“We are doing this to ensure that children study in a comfortable class. How do you feel seeing a child sitting on a dusty floor or studying under a leaking roof? It is not to show how wealthy we are, but that we care,” Mrs. Fogam said. The Secretary General of Nkumu Fed-Fed, Eunice Tita, said her organisation have been able to transform the Catholic Primary School thanks to the Washington DC chapter that is very powerful.

She enumerated the achievements of Nkumu Fed-Fed to include combating child trafficking and providing jobs to trafficked children for over the years, assistance to HIV/AIDS orphans whose parents died of the disease, donation of books, school bags to primary and secondary schools in Bali and useful medical assistance to health centres and hospitals, just to name these. The Inspector of Basic Education Bali, Paul Babila Foncham, said the facelift given to the school will surely improve on the study-learning process.

He said for over six years he has spent in Bali, he realised that Nkumu Fed-Fed is the most committed NGO when it concern  education and the health of children. The Parish Priest of Catholic Church Bali, Rev. Father John Musi, said the school that was created in 1942 has graduated many sons and daughters of Bali and beyond and was grateful for the rehabilitation carried out by Nkumu Fed-Fed.

First published in The Post print edition no 01495

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