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Fierce Battles Mark CPDM Investitures In Limbe 

By Francis Tim Mbom — It was a bruising political tussle last week as to whose list should be accepted for those aspiring to become CPDM Councillors in Limbe, Tiko and Muyuka in Fako Division, Southwest Region. Incumbent Hon. Celestine Lyonga of Limbe Constituency and Mutengene-based Barrister Fritz Etoke Ngeka are the two CPDM Parliamentary aspirants for the Fako East Constituency (Limbe, Tiko and Muyuka) whose files finally left Limbe, on Friday, July 12, for the CPDM Central Committee’s scrutiny in Yaounde.

At the end of the day, Hon. Senator Zacharia Awanga, who had, on Wednesday, July 9, given the CPDM aspirants a deadline for Thursday, July 11, at midnight, could only leave Limbe on Friday, July 12, at about 6:00pm. The Post gathered that Hon. Awanga left Limbe with a consensus list for Limbe III Council (Bimbia) headed by Mayor Samuel Esebou Mokate and that for Limbe II (Mokundange) headed by incumbent Mayor Duncan Molindo.

For the Limbe I Council (Limbe Central) the story was different as the CPDM delegation from Yaounde had to toss a coin to determine the “head of list” after a fierce battle between the current Mayor of Limbe I Council, Rodanny Mbua Mokako, and Councillor John Manga Williams.
Manga Williams emerged victorious to head the Limbe I list.

Tita Fonbom Out!

Richard Tita Fonbom, incumbent Mayor of Tiko, was dropped from the CPDM list as aspirants from Tiko did not just want to hear anything about him. The battle in Tiko rested between the Section President, Charles Eteki Dikonge and Chief Mesoso of Mutengene. The fight between Mesoso and Eteki raged on till about after 3 pm on Friday when Senator Awanga stood his grounds that there must be a consensus list of 41 aspirants from Tiko.

Eteki could be seen racing out of the hall from time to time and making frantic calls. Soon, it became a war of words with slangs being hurled by one camp to the other. At the end, Senator Awanga and his team from the Central Committee resolved that Chief Mesoso should provide 21 aspirants, while Eteki should produce the remaining 20 to form the consensus list. 

Absence of Primaries A Problem

If the CPDM had gone for primaries, the party would have been spared the frenzy that characterised the selection process in Limbe. In the case of Limbe I, The Post gathered that there were as many as five lists at the start of the racing line on Thursday, July 11. Given that all of the prospective candidates had already paid the required FCFA 50,000 caution at the Treasury and other expenses at the Taxation Department, no one was ready to let go their chances.

At about 2:45 pm on Friday, Councillor Fritz Ikundi of the Limbe I Council rushed into the hall with his list for submission, hours after Awanga had already got a consensus list for Limbe.
However, Ikundi and some 20 aspirants felt that they had their right to furnish their list. But The Post later gathered that Senator Awanga finally had to leave without the Ikundi list, urging them to hurry and meet him with it in Buea if they could.

This year’s elections might witness some journalists becoming Councillors. This was the case with Zachee Ngandembou and Peter Kum of Eden Media Group whose names were included in the consensus list for Limbe I headed by Johnny Manga. Meantime, the political battle in Fako East Constituency shall certainly be between the CPDM and the SDF.

The Post learnt that the SDF has as parliamentary candidates, a retired teacher, Richard Monono for the Limbe Constituency and the SDF Socialist Youth Leader in Tiko, Joseph Anib Bah, for the Tiko and Muyuka Constituency. Meantime, for Limbe I, the District Chair, Lawson Tafon and the Secretary General, Gordon Zama, shall compete against their CPDM opponents led by Johny Manga.

First published in The Post print edition no 01447

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