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First CaardioPads Ready For Use — Arthur Zang, the inventor of the CardioPad, a heart disease remedy for patients in his native Cameroon has completed the assembly of 30 samples of the device.  The assemblage of the first , this June of the first 30 samples of the first ready-to-go samples of the tablets designed for use in the early detection of heart disease was completed this June.

The task was facilitated thanks to a 20-million-FCFA financial assistance package from the Cameroon government. The CardioPad is a tactile iPad-like tablet, designed to capture the cardiac rhythms of patients and send them over GSM networks to heart disease patients located far away.

The cardiologist then conducts diagnosis based on the collected data, and can issue medical prescription.  Hence, cardiac patients in the country’s remote parts do not have to travel long distances to urban centers where cardiologists are located for consultation.

An application program, Mobil Cardio OCG,conceived and fitted in the CardioPads enables the device to capture, amplify, filter and transmit cardiac frequenciesfrom a patient to a doctor.  The devices are also each fitted with an encyclopedia of heart cardiovascular diseases.   

Zang’s juvenile company, Himore Medical, will formally hand over ten CardioPads to the Ministry of Public Health in the days ahead.  Then will follow training sessions for cardiologists on how to use the device.

Himore Medical is awaiting the delivery from its Chinese partners of electrodes fitted with bluetooths which will be placed on patients’ chests to record and transmit their heartbeats.  The delivery is expected in a week, upon which Zang will undertake the task of linking up the CardioPad to the GSM networks of Cameroon’s two mobile operators, MTN and Orange.

Zang, an ex-student of the Yaounde National Polytechnique conceived and developed the CardioPad in 2011.  According to the developper, his motivation was to address the striking shortage of cardiologists across his native Cameroon.

Statistics from the Ministry of Public HEalth indicate that there are less than 40 cardiologists for Cameroon’s over 20 million inhabitants.   

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