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First School Leaving Certificate Results Published in French 

By Barnabas Kang Mbonde

The 2016 First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, results in Buea have been published in French.
The results, parts of which have been published and posted on the notice board of the Divisional Delegation for Basic Education in Buea, but for the logo of the Ministry of Basic Education, carries headings all in French. (See facsimile)
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Observers hold that the impact is bad but not too bad in a metropolis like Buea. But it is worst in the hinterlands where the population is entirely English-speaking.
Mathias Takor, a businessman who had come to check the names of his children who sat in for FSLC this year screamed: “This is a scandal! What are these people taking us for? The provocation is too much and the consequences devastating.”

Abang Njousi, an Anglophone activist fumed: That is scandalous. That justifies what we stand for.”
Meantime, a pro-establishment citizen argued that the results are still being translated, but the two Anglophones approached asked why, being an English system examination, the results could not first be printed in English and then, later on, translated into French.

FSLC Results In French
“Why must it always be the other way round?,” they fumed.
Meanwhile, a staff worker at the delegation said publication of results is ongoing.

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