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Fon Chafah Survives Coup, Impostor Arrested 

By Chris Mbunwechafah

Chafah XI, the sitting Fon of Bangolan, has survived a coup that could have seen him out of the Bangolan Palace if one Salim Mbipefah had been enthroned.

Following the failed coup, the Northwest Governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, ordered the arrest of Salim Mbipefah, the supposed new Fon of Bangolan Village in Babessi Subdivision, Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region, on Friday, February 20.

Over 300 persons were arrested alongside Salim Mbipefah and detained in Ndop and Bamenda, respectively.
It was reported that some notables took advantage of Chafah’s trip to Yaounde to hand a motion of support to President Biya to be a candidate at the 2018 Presidential election.
Fon Chafah XI is the former NOWEFU President General and Secretary General of Traditional Rulers of Cameroon.

The Fon told the press on Saturday, February 20, that he received news that some vandals had enthroned a Fon and warned that he would not be allowed to enter the palace.
He said he hurriedly left Yaounde after their meeting, entered the village and alerted the administration about the situation.
According to Fon Chafah, when the Governor and his entourage visited him to appraise the situation, the villagers attacked and vandalised Governor’s car and started burning buildings close to the market and the palace.

“Electric poles were burnt and one of the shops belonging to my brother was also burnt out of sheer wickedness. But nothing has touched my palace. The palace is secure because the thugs are being rounded up for interrogation,” Fon Chafah stated.
A notable, who is known as Ndinyamukong Aramiyaoh, told The Post on Sunday, February 21 by phone, that the village had been deserted because the forces of law and order were breaking into homes, business places and arresting people indiscriminately. According to the notable, those arrested were well tortured.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, February 18, when the impostor, Salim, was still being initiated in the shrines of the Bangolan Palace, three notables namely: Meunianbang Heurate, Ndi Ngahie Amadou and Ndinyamukong Aramiyaoh, were in Bamenda and handed a notification letter to the Governor for onward transmission to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation. The letter was on the subject “Enthronement of a New Fon of Bangolan.”

The letter, dated February 17, 2016, reads: “The Ngumba and the Bangolan people in general are grateful to the military for their timely intervention in keeping peace in Bangolan since the 9th of December, 2015, that the former Fon of Bangolan, Isaac Mbungka, decided to totally destroy the culture and tradition of Bangolan.

“Fon Chafah Isaac XI was enthroned since November 1982 and has been on the throne for 34 years, meaning that the people loved him, despite the fact that he was going against the tradition and we kept excusing him that he was a child. So, on the 9th of December 2015, he took advantage as a Magistrate and Senator of Cameroon to totally destroy our culture, saying that he is with the military and the administration. The Bangolan people as peaceful as we are do not want bloodshed. So, the crime he committed on the 9th of December 2015 is unreparable (sic) according to the customs of Bangolan.

“According to our customs and traditions, the same fate fell on the following former Fons, namely: Ndimenkeh and Fongozzroh who were peacefully dethroned and replaced without any bloodshed and, up till today, we are living and working together and giving them their due respect as former Fons.”
The letter concludes that the Bangolan people do not have any problem with the administration.
“Our problem is with Isaac Mbungka and we are appealing to the administration not to take it as a personal problem which can result in bloodshed.”

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