Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Fon Echekiye Summoned To Gendarmerie Headquarters For Treason 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Ace sports journalist and coordinator of CRTV Cluster Channels, Ignatius Fon Echekiye, has been summoned to appear at the Gendarmerie headquarters on Tuesday, March 28 for questioning.

The summons is apparently linked to treason among other charges.

According to the journalist who has been working for CRTV for the past 26 years, he received the summons on Friday, March 24.

He said the summons was brought earlier when he was on leave.

The summons compels Fon Echekiye to report at the Gendarmerie headquarters at 9 am on Tuesday in tandem with section 79, 82, to 92 and 103 to 105 of the penal code.

The CRTV journalist said he was surprised by the summons, saying he would only discover the issue when he gets there.

Meanwhile, observers are already speculating that the issue has to do with the on-going Anglophone crisis.

Fon Echekiye has been at the Sports Desk of CRTV ever since he was recruited 26 years ago. He was Chief of the Sports Service until October 2015 when he was appointed coordinator of CRTV Cluster Channels.

The journalist who hails from Noni in Bui Division, Northwest Region, has the unbeaten record of having covered five World Cup football competitions and ten African Nations Cup competitions.

In a related story, Prof. Martin Ateh who has been in detention at the Gendarmerie headquarters for many weeks has been taken to the Kondengui Prison in Yaounde.

He was whisked off to prison on Friday, March 24 in the company of three other detainees.

Prof. Ateh was arrested in Bamenda as he prepared to coordinate a UN workshop.