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Fons Bestow Blessings On Hon. Wallang, Mayor Njukwe 

By Francis Tim Mbom With Field Reports

Nine Fons of the Aghem clan in the Menchum Division of the Northwest have, in a letter addressed to the Menchum SDO on May 18, added their total support to two of their elected sons: Hon. Richard Wallang and Charles Njukwe, respectively CPDM MP for Menchum South Constituency and Wum Council Mayor.

The Fons, led by Fon Bahmbi III of Aghem, took this decision after an extraordinary session of the Aghem Supreme Traditional Council "nduoghokwifoy" held on May 18 at the Magha Palace.
"Considering the good job done so far by our elected sons Hon. Wallang and Mayor Njukwe, we have the total confidence of the Aghem Fons and their subjects in the pursuit of their duties," they wrote.  

As to what they have done so far, The Post gathered that Njukwe has already, with funds from GP-Derudep (erstwhile MEDINO), built four classrooms, two in GSS Bangue and two in GS Atue. Meanwhile, Hon. Wallang is said to have done much in rehabilitating the streets of Wum town among other development projects.

Dissenting Councillors

Albeit all that Wallang and Njukwe have done and despite the support of the Fons, The Post learnt that dissent has been simmering in the minds of a group of other councillors who think that Njukwe, a petrol-chemical engineer working with the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, SNH, must go.

Njukwe, it is said, is not resident in Wum by dint of his job, but has vested economic interests in Wum and from time to time he gets back home to oversee the business of the council.
But the dissenting councillors who find Njukwe’s non-resident status uncomforting have been battling to unseat him.

The Post was told that in the week leading up to May 20, they had tried in vain to lobby other councilors to jointly pass a vote-of-no-confidence against Njukwe. Apparently, the scheme flopped, jolting the Fons to take action, thus Supreme Council meeting which held on May 18 with the Fons pledging their support for Wallang and Njukwe.

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